Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Senator Dares 'Green' Elites to Sacrifice, Too

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A leading skeptic of global-warming science is challenging celebrity activists such as Al Gore and Sheryl Crow to lower their "carbon footprint" to the same level as the average American by Earth Day in April 2008.

"I simply believe that former Vice President Al Gore and his Hollywood friends who demand we change the way we live to avert this over-hyped 'crisis' not only talk the talk, but walk the walk," said Sen. James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican.

"How hard is it for these elitists to become as frugal in their energy consumption as the average American? I think the American public has a right to know they are being had."

End Excerpts (emphasis mine)

You know, the likes of the fat-cat Al Gore claim that they're already "doing their part" by "being carbon neutral" and paying a carbon tax or something to someone-or-other (Gore pays his "tax" to one of his own businesses!).

But come on. How stupid do they think we are? Shuffling some cash around will do absolutely nothing to reduce emissions. It's another trick we're expected to believe just because so many famous folks and the MSM say it's something that'll actually work. Nonsense!

The green elites, including politicians, entertainers, pseudo-scientists and the MSM aren't serious. They're not for real. They're bullshitting us, screwing with us. And when we're not looking or listening, they're laughing at us behind our backs, congratulating one another on how cleverly they've conned us into doing things that'll somehow make them and their comrades wealthier.

The average person cannot really/doesn't want to "pay a tax" as do the fat cats in order to claim to be "carbon neutral" (as if that really meant anything at all, which it doesn't). The only way to reduce emissions is to either cut consumption or make consumption more efficient or both. And the fat cat elites like Greasy Al Gore refuse to do this, which tells us all we need to know.

They scare the living daylights out of us. Then they tell us we must, must, must sacrifice big time.


If they won't practice what they preach... Why should we practice what they preach?

It's rather like trusting some crazy death cult leader when he says, "Drink this and lie down... I'll take my drink later..." and doesn't take his drink, but rather takes off with everyone's life's savings...