Saturday, April 14, 2007

Liberals: We're "Silly, Goofy, Monty-Pythonesque", Etc.

Above: The Minister of Silly Walks (Another Monty Python thing)

Liberals are now denouncing their leader, Stephane Dion, and their party as silly, goofy, Monty Pythonesque and so on and so forth.

This dramatic deal shocked many Liberals when it was leaked Thursday night, and many party members are shaking their heads, calling it "goofy," "dumb" and "crazy."
Said an MP, who asked not to be identified for fear of repercussions: "I think he's [Mr. Dion] a big albatross around the party's neck. . . . This type of deal-making is very bad for democracy. It's the slippery slope."
(Ooh... the "slippery slope" again! A Liberal trademark! Thanks to them, we're already careening down that infamously damaging, frightening slope... our only hope is to never, never, never again have a Liberal government!)
Said another veteran Grit: "In Monty Python lexicon -- we are the silly party."
Certainly read the whole thing. There's more condemnation of Dion, the Liberal Party and of Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (who, I declare, has effectively killed the Green Party's electoral chances with this backroom deal with Citoyenne De-Yawn, choosing herself instead, in the hopes of winning a seat in Parliament, to hell with the Party who brought her to national prominence).
Dion and May baldfacedly claim that it's not about politics, but about "the environment". Yeah, suuuure. And so is this post! Hell, I can just as credibly claim that this post is about needlepoint or fly fishing or wombat and platypus eating habits...
(Remember, Dion was Environment Minister when his party was in power... and did nothing, despite his party's having signed the stupid "Kyoto Protocol", which Dion hypocritically, cynically, moronically today demands be followed by Canada's New Government, the Conservatives)
Don't be surprised if the Green Party moves quickly to remove Ms. May from her leadership position. She has killed the Green Party's electoral chances by prostituting herself to the Liberals ever so crassly! She's now a Liebrano! She's a made member of the LibMob!
This is yet another gift to the Conservatives.
I'll tellya- we're a-guffawin' at these friggin' "Liberal" clowns!