Monday, April 09, 2007

Canadians Want Elected Judges, Private Property Rights: Poll

Story here.

Two-thirds of Canadians want judges to be elected. Surprise, surprise, all ye leftist propagandists who've claimed that Canadians don't want this, that it'd "politicize" the judiciary. Oh, really? Well, having politicians simply appoint judges, isn't that politicized? I mean, think about it- which is better, judges chosen by the people or by some individual political leader? The answer is instinctive and based on common sense, as Canadians aren't as stupid as leftwing "intellectuals" and the MSM want us to think.

Not only that, the poll found that 73% of respondents want the right to private property ownership and protection to be enshrined in the Charter.

Hmm... you know, when you ask the right questions in the right way, you find that the majority of Canadians are conservative, rather than "liberal". After all, liberals want their leaders to appoint leftwing activists to the judiciary and they don't believe in private property as a right. Therefore, Liberals are out of touch with Canadian values while, ironically, claiming they know what Canadian values are, but really mean to tell us, arrogantly, that their (Liberal) "values" are everyone's values. How arrogant, eh?


Now I hope the Conservatives eventually move towards an elected judiciary and enshrine private property rights in the Charter. Of course, I realize that this won't be easy to do, as the state apparatus is still largely leftist-controlled, with anti-Conservative partisans all over the place, plus the MSM is anti-Conservative and won't cooperate with the Conservatives as it cooperated with the Liberals on the Big Lie of SSM being in the Charter (it isn't; I read my framed copy and found it isn't even mentioned, nor is "sexual orientation") and eventually getting it passed into law via desperate dirty tricks. So the Tories will have their work cut out for them. Fortunately, however, the leader, Stephen Harper, is, in my humble opinion, clearly the most intelligent and effective policy wonk, strategist and tactician we've ever seen in a Prime Minister! If anyone can beat the leftist state apparatus and the MSM to give Canadians what they want, Stephen Harper can! The man is a truly great leader, no doubt about it! He's on the side of regular, ordinary Canadians, not on the side of the left, as are all the Opposition parties, which are clearly all leftist.

Clearly, after all, it's what Canadians want.

And as Canadians own their country and as it's a democracy, I hope they vote Conservative so that they'll get what they want. After all, they'll never, never get these good things, these democratic, libertarian rights from Liberals. After all, the Liberals are neither democratic nor libertarian. They hate democracy unless it goes their preferred way. They don't believe in liberty unless it's a type of liberty they personally believe in. Any other kind of liberty, they could care less about allowing all Canadians to enjoy. Liberals are, after all, selfish hedonists with a culture of entitlement! We know this. And they'll never change. They haven't so far.

Canadians' values are conservative. Therefore the Conservative Party must become the Natural Governing Party.

We've been lied to. Canadians are conservative and believe in individual rights and in democracy, rather than believing that the collective is more important than individuals and that judges should be appointed, as Liberals and other leftists obviously believe. Don't let the leftist intellectual talking heads nor the MSM tell you otherwise... for you know they want to tell us what to think... and they want us to think false things.

You know what you want out of your country. So vote accordingly, not according to what the left tells you. You do not have to vote the same way as everyone else. Don't be ashamed to be yourself when you vote.

So, we can now say that elected judges and private property rights are "progressive"! No longer can the left credibly claim to be "progressive", as they oppose real progress demanded by Canadians!