Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another One-Sided Report Favoring Terrorists

Story here.

Seems the terror suspects' lawyers think that solitary confinement for the purpose of preventing communication amongst suspects and indirectly to outside Jihadists is "appalling", "inhumane" and so on.

Well, that's basically all we read in this article, which is wholly one-sided and makes no effort whatsoever to explain or allow counterterrorists to explain why solitary confinement is in the interests of national security.

Besides, what about the treatment of the fifteen falsely accused British marines by the Iranians? Is that not far more appalling and far more inhumane? Or are you a leftist who's pretty much ignored that part of the incident and has chosen to believe the Iranian propagandists' lies?

We know that the fifteen innocent Marines, who were merely following the United Nations' orders and weren't in Iranian waters at all, were subjected to far, far, far worse physical and psychological "treatment" than are the Jihadist suspects in Canada. Did we in Canada blindfold, strip, tie them up, push them up against the wall, making the sound of cocking rifles and of throats being slashed, making them think that the whole thing was over, and not in a good way? They also made a non-Muslim woman wear a headscarf, in violation of her human right to choose! They forced false confessions out of them, too.

They forced the woman into solitary confinement and even told her that the men were released and that she was being kept captive. Appalling! Inhumane! Maybe the Jihadists being held in Canada should tell their lawyers to stop calling their comparatively sybaritic accommodations "appalling" and "inhumane" without, in the same breath, calling the treatment of the fifteen British Marines "far, far worse and for that Iran deserves to have its evil regime removed by brute force!" Well, maybe I'm going a little too far with the last part of that, but the Jihadists' lawyers are going too far in their claims about their clients' accommodations being "appalling" and "inhumane"! Shit, what's more appalling and inhumane are Canada's long waiting lists for seriously needed health care, which forces people to suffer needlessly in the name of extreme socialism (but that socialism-failure issue is one for another time...)!

But of course the left won't care! They are very selective about their "caring", we know very well.

But the left won't give a crap. They only care about suspected Islamic Jihadists, seemingly in denial that Muslims could ever even bear ill will towards anyone, be it us Kaffirs or even their own brethren!

I think that it's reasonable, not at all "appalling", nor "inhumane" to make people arrested on the basis of evidence and with warrants for plotting, aiding and abetting terrorist plans against Canadian targets stay in cells all by themselves and not have any contact whatsoever with other suspected Jihadists or their families.

All in the interest of national security and of saving the lives these prisoners are reasonably suspected, with evidence, to have been planning to take. Weigh that against the loneliness they have to put up with as a consequence of conspiring to commit murder and terrorism. And so what if they're forbidden to "pray together"? Sorry, but they brought that upon themselves. Besides, we hear of Christians being told they cannot pray in all sorts of public places despite the fact that we bend over backwards to provide special rooms or areas for Muslims to conduct their prayers (a provision we don't normally make for Christians).

The lawyers' arguments are so lame as to amount to propaganda, not legal nor Charter-based arguments.

They sound exactly like the terrorism-supporting Islamist propaganda front agency of Hamas, the CAIR!

Giving just the enemy/suspected enemy a voice in the MSM? Astonishing! How often do they give counterterrrorists an exclusive voice in a report, without spinning and without reminding readers/viewers of the other side's view?

Nice going, CTV-GlobeMedia! One-sided propaganda "reporting" pieces! You're clearly useful idiots!