Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Biased Media

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Thomas Jefferson once said about the press that it was the "best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral and social being." Much has changed since Jefferson's time as the newspapers of our day do very little to enlighten mankind or improve his moral or social well-being. Newspapers across our nation appear to support a very liberal and immoral philosophy which reflects the feelings and beliefs of a small but influential group of editors and publishers. Their agenda affects the manner in which facts are reported, which events are covered, the timing of such reports and how much attention is given to any particular story.

(A glaring example is provided demonstrating apparent MSM bias)

This blatant bias might be easier to swallow if the mainstream media would simply admit their agenda and quit calling it "news." They claim to be balanced and fair despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This hypocrisy is a primary reason why I appreciate independent news sources such as WorldNetDaily, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year covering stories the media often ignore. Its success is directly related to the failure of the mainstream media to live up to their responsibility to report facts, not opinions.

Publications like the Times should take a cue from WorldNetDaily and Thomas Jefferson and pick up the torch of responsible journalism to enlighten the minds of men with truth rather than compromising their integrity with error. If they fail to do so, they will become as irrelevant as yesterday's news, and they will be replaced by other sources that report the truth.

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Naturally, the useful idiots on the left will deny any systematic bias on the part of the MSM. Apparently they're incapable of discerning fact from fiction and depend on the MSM itself to tell them what's what! How stupid and insane is that?

Do leftists actually fear the truth?

Are leftists truthophobic?

Do comforting fictions appeal to them? Is dogma easier to deal with than reality?

If so, the MSM apparently realizes this, sees an opportunity to take advantage and provides the left with its psychological opium.

Or does the MSM have an even more sinister, more destructive agenda?

It's not a very well-hidden agenda. One need only take it upon oneself to identify the patterns over time which will illuminate the darkness within which the agenda is hidden.

Also very important is: who owns MSM outlets? Who controls them? What is their true intent? Are they, in turn, being controlled or directed by others, perhaps enemies of the very societies in which they operate their media outlets? This is one thing that we'll never see the MSM investigate. It's like expecting the Mob to investigate itself and tell us all about their sinister agenda and activities!

It's time to do some investigation into MSM ownership, control, etc.

It's up to the people to find out who those people are and what is their intention in telling us what they're telling us.

If we simply place blind trust in the MSM, that would be no different, and no less self-destructive, than placing blind trust in the government and allowing the same people to control everything forever, never having to be accountable, never having to run for election, never having to demonstrate that they're acting in the interests of the people they claim to serve.

When someone knows that they'll never have to worry about being held accountable, then they're extremely likely to become arrogant, corrupt... and worse.

And that's the MSM, unfortunately.

It's time to hold the MSM accountable!