Monday, April 23, 2007

Homeschooler Escapes Fascist German Reich Custody, Returns to Family

Story here.

Melissa Busekros, the schoolgirl taken by police and placed in a psychiatric hospital because she was diagnosed with a "school phobia" and was being homeschooled, has fled state custody to make a midnight trip back to her own family, according to Joel Thornton, president of The International Human Rights Group.


"A week or so ago, Melissa was evaluated by a professor of psychology who is the director of the institution that oversaw Melissa's care while she was being held in state custody," Thornton said. "This new evaluation revealed that Melissa does not suffer from 'school phobia.' She is healthy and has made it through this traumatic ordeal remarkably well."

So the Reich was wrong to deem her "insane". Then again, what do we expect of fascists who are maintaining Hitler's very own law prohibiting homeschooling and requiring forced indoctrination in whatever dogmae the state deems? Oh, yes... even today the German Reich believes in the supreme power of the state over the individual.

National Socialism is very alive and well, unfortunately.

Now that she's sixteen, the Reich is going to have a bit of a problem taking her away from her homeschooling family by force, as she now has far more rights than when she was wrongly abducted by the gestapo. In fact, she has more rights under German law at sixteen than others of the same age do in America.

The fight continues.

Will the fascist German Reich again attempt to take away her human rights, forcing her against her will to be schooled and indoctrinated in a state-imposed, grossly sexually-charged curriculum, which is abhorrent from the standpoint of her religious faith?

What will the fascist German Reich do next?

They are being watched by the world.

The entire left is being watched by extension as well, as the current German Reich is extremely left-wing and fascistically so.

No longer can the left claim that they're champions of human rights. Because day by day it becomes glaringly apparent that they are not. They can swear all they want that they care about human rights, but reasonable people will no longer believe them. I know I don't, even though I had, like most folks, once fallen for that Big Lie.