Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quebec Should Sign Constitution: Dumont

Mario Dumont, Leader of the Opposition in Quebec

Story here.
This is news, indeed. And I like it. So refreshing.
Quebec's new Opposition leader says he's ready to begin major talks that would facilitate the signing of the 1982 Canadian Constitution.
"If Ottawa is ready to open the debate on spending power, (Quebec's) national assembly should have an initiative to facilitate its inscription in the Canadian Constitution," Dumont told supporters Saturday.
This is positive.
And if M. Dumont is serious, then he's not a separatist at all. I really do believe he's changed, for I have changed from leftist to conservative in the past and have changed in many other significant ways in the way I see politics and society, so I can believe him. Particularly as we're of the same approximate age. Having Quebec sign the Constitution of Canada would put to rest the question of Quebec's future in Confederation for once and for all.
So let's have talks on federal-provincial jurisdictional and spending power. And bring Quebec into the fold.
However, the Liberal Party of Canada, I predict, doesn't want this to happen. They want to keep Quebec out of the Constitution because in order to get Quebec to sign, the Federal Government would have to give up significant spending powers... powers the Liberal Party of Canada has taken advantage of for political and electoral gain for so long and will be loathe to give up such powers (not that they should delude themselves into thinking they'll ever again be government!). Indeed, I believe that the Liberals don't care that Quebec isn't a signatory in the Constitution as long as the Liberals can abuse Quebeckers' and Canadians' tax dollars as they see fit to buy loyalty and votes. Remember ADSCAM? You won't be forgetting it for a long time to come! And neither will Quebeckers. After all, their licence plates say "I remember", don't they? Yep- these folks have excellent memories!
You know, this is proof that Mario Dumont is a real leader.