Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chinese Commies Tell Canada to Forget about Cdn Citizen

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The evil sons of rats. The rapidly-shrinking Chinese Communist Party (CPP) is telling Canada that one of her own citizens, who has been falsely accused and "convicted" of being a terrorist and sentenced to life in prison in China, that it is no concern of ours; rather an "internal Chinese matter".

Incredible. The arrogance. Who do the CCP think they are? The Supreme Overlords of Planet Earth? Do they really think they can boss everyone around?

Hey, CCP: Hussein Celil is Canadian. He is one of ours. You have failed to provide any evidence at all to prove your allegations against him. Your court system is only for show, a farce; everyone knows it- I know it, you know it, everyone knows it! You Communists have no business behaving like this, treating people like this! You therefore have a real obligation to release Mr. Celil immediately! And all innocents deemed "inconvenient" to the Party and on organ-harvesting row, you must release them all, too!

How dare you assert that you are fit to host the 2008 Olympics? You are not, for you, the CCP, are indubitably totalitarian beasts! Yes, beasts! Monsters! Demons!

The campaign to cancel the 2008 Olympics is on now and gathering momentum. And there's nothing you can do to stop it. Don't even try. You'll only make it worse for yourself.

Release Hussein Celil immediately!

We are onto you, CCP. We know what your ultimate intentions are.

Psst! Don't buy anything that's made in China anymore. Doing so only keeps those beasts in power, and that simply cannot continue.

Communism must be crushed and pulverized everywhere... with extreme prejudice! Zero tolerance for communism, the greatest evil force on earth; the mother of all evils!