Monday, April 02, 2007

Arrest Warrant Issued For Another Liberal

Liberal Jean LaFleur: Describing how he made our money disappear? "It went poof!"

Yep. Yet another Librano has been charged. With fraud in connection with ADSCAM. The arrest warrant has been issued.

But where is he? Still in Costa Rica, living the selfish, hedonistic high life with his young boyfriend, annoying the neighbors... with our money? Or is he on the run?

Maybe he's Osama's cavemate?

Will we ever see this man again? How about our money?

Isn't it amazing how some guy can make hundreds of thousands of dollars for simply handing a check to someone?

Librano$$$... oh, did I mention that the Federal Accountability Act came into effect yesterday?

Time to sweat, Librano$$$! Sweat, you dirty bums, sweat!