Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hypocritical Fantino Calls For Fed Action on Caledonia Occupation

Story here. h/t:

Well, all I have to say to OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is this:

If you had done your job, Caledonia wouldn't be occupied by terrorists for more than a year now, so to demand someone else solve the problem only makes you look even more incompetent.

They're breaking the law. They're committing illegal acts of all sorts.

And the OPP does nothing about them.

So who are you to speak? Just remove them. Oh, sorry- I forgot you take orders from Premier McGuinty. Yep- the OPP only acts on politically-motivated orders!

Nice. Who's to blame, really? The terrorists, the OPP, McGuinty or all of them?

They'll always come crying to the feds just 'cause can't run their own jurisdiction!

That's the price of Ontarians electing those dictatorial, dishonest Liberals!