Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Correlation Between Atheism and Anti-Americanism

Atheism and anti-Americanism go hand in hand. Both ideologies are likely also angry, frightened reactions to things far greater than oneself. And, as neither God nor America is oppressive, yet are rejected by many liberals as if they were, while oppressive folks and regimes and ideologies are instead embraced by the liberals, then logically they've got it backwards. They want to be above that which is greater than they and good... but are content to submit to that which is greater than they yet oppresses and tyrannizes them, which is bad. Sounds like unknowing Satan worship. It's as if they're on the brink of an abyss...

They're confused. They've been exposed to so much conflicting information/disinformation that they don't know what's true and what's not. Consequently they pick whatever ideology their immediate, convenient peers follow. Unfortunately, they've chosen falsehoods as truths. The falsehoods appear to be more comforting (in the short run) for them than truths.

Some will get better and end up accepting, embracing truth, turning away from that which deceived them with false promises, namely liberalism/leftism, socialism, atheism, anarchism, etc... (I think "anarchism" is a [false] religion of sorts with faith being replaced by selfish opposition to and rejection of all that is good which the anarchists see as greater than they ["greater", to them, necessarily means "bad"]... they believe they're independent and liberated, but ironically are being controlled/pushed around by dishonest, manipulative folks/ideologies and other brainless followers thereof, yet still willingly submit, as they think it's "freeing", which it clearly isn't.)

It's far better to accept that which is greater than oneself and which has only good intentions for one. Allowing this force (Christ) into oneself to cleanse one's self of negativity... plus being filled with the Holy Spirit does spread karma, an obvious force which we know means that good ultimately triumphs and evil ultimately loses.

Evil must lose, for it is infinitely flawed compared to good, and that which is so flawed cannot possibly win in the long run. This is why, for example, Nazism, Communism, Islamism, etc... have failed to take over the world... and why they never will. The three of those ideologies have historically teamed up in various combinations as "axis", including today, but have never ultimately prevailed, and won't.

God help the mentally-disordered liberals.

-The Canadian Sentinel