Thursday, April 05, 2007

Harper's Canada Stands Up To UN Censorship

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Canada and other Western nations opposed a UN resolution that would have effectively meant that any expression critical of, say, Islamic fascism, could easily be deemed "hateful" and therefore censored.

Never mind the wording of the resolution. We know that the international left speaks with a forked tongue to hide its true agenda. No amount of sugarcoating can convince right-thinking folks that a piece of crap is anything but!

However, if the Liberals were in power in Canada, one can be sure they'd have their representative at the UN support the stealth censorship resolution which would then give a Liberal government an excuse to bring forth laws banning the criticism of Islamic facism. Of course the left won't understand what I'm saying here, but then again, that's expected, as leftists are too mentally-disordered to be properly aware of what's been happening in the world around them, preferring to go by whatever spin the left tosses at them.