Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hypocritical Liberals " Knew About 'Torture' "

They'll make a big stink over allegations of uncomfortable accommodations for the evil, murderous Taliban (but could care less about what the Taliban does to innocent people!!!), chucking their crap at the Conservative government on a daily basis.

But when in government, they, the Liberal$$$, knew that the evil Taliban wouldn't be enjoying a Four Seasons' style hotel stay once transferred to Afghan custody. So why wring their hands and whine about these terrible beasts' plight now? Why???

Ah, screw (not literally; we don't know who else they've been screwing, besides the Canadian taxpayers and the Canadian Forces, amongst others) the Liberal$$$! Can't take them seriously, nor can we trust them on anything... ever!

Now see if the rest of the MSM picks up this story. Or if they just quietly, along with the moonbat Opposition, let the big stink dissipate.