Monday, April 16, 2007

"Green" CF Lightbulbs Contain Dangerous Level of Mercury

All you have to do is break one in your house... and potentially get mercury poisoning. Break hundreds, thousands, millions in the landfills... and you seriously harm the environment.

Story here.

With everyone from Al Gore to Wal-Mart to the Environmental Protection Agency promoting CFLs as the greatest thing since, well, the light bulb, consumers have been left in the dark about a problem they will all face eventually – how to get rid of the darn things when they burn out or, worse yet, break.


The warnings on the packages of some of the new bulbs are in fine print – hard to read. They are also voluntary, with many bulbs being sold and distributed with no disposal warnings at all.


"Most agree more energy-efficient light bulbs can significantly curb air pollution, but fewer people are talking about how to deal with them at the end of their lives," explained a page 1 story in the April 2 issue of Waste News. It goes on to explain "there is no plan to address air and water pollution concerns that could develop if consumers improperly dispose of the mercury-containing devices."

And Canada is on a timetable to ban regular incandescent bulbs, forcing all Canadians to use mercury-laden CFLs.

Read the whole story for much more, including real-life horror stories about broken CFLs, which can turn a room into a dangerous health hazard as well as being dangerous to the environment.

Yet the climate-change alarmists don't seem to care.

Read the whole thing!

Your health... and the environment depend on it!

The MSM probably won't talk about it, either, being on the side of the hysterical Chicken-Little alarmists with a one-track mind and narrow-as-a-pinpoint worldview.

Why is the world pushing this nearly-obsolete, unsafe technology while there's a far, far superior alternative... in LEDs (light emitting diodes)? LEDs are already in widespread use in all kinds of lighting applications and use extraordinarily little electricity, not to mention never requiring replacement! And a recent discovery has led to far brighter LEDs than previously (I've already seen this technology on sale in the form of superior-high-intensity and ultra-low-energy-use flashlights since months ago). LEDs are already being increasingly used as automotive headlights, taillights and interior lighting, in fact.

I wonder why ignore the LED tech while pushing the dangerous, higher-energy-requirement CFLs?
Besides, I notice that CFLs tend to be made in China, who doesn't deserve our business until the Chinese Communist Party is out of power and human rights finally come to China. And China doesn't have to do anything under the Kyoto Protocol, unlike Canada, who's expected to pretty much destroy its economy to please the likes of the hypocritical Al Gore, known for his legendary greed as well as incredible energy consumption himself!

Myself, I will not be buying any CFLs. If the incandescent bulb is banned, I'll find other alternatives to light my house, rather than risking mercury poisoning should I accidentally break one of those stupid things. Hmm... I do like candlelight...

I bet the left will say I'm nuts. Just because World Net Daily seems to be the only news outlet with the "bulbs" to do a report on this very important issue and I linked to their report. Well, I say: if the left wants to get mercury poisoning and wants to pollute the environment with mercury, that's their business. It just shows how stupid they are.

Now you know.