Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Google Censors Anti-CCP Criticism in America

It's bad enough that Google, the monolithic internet corporation, upon the directive of the Chinese Communist Party in China, censors whatever the CCP wants them to, including, for example, words like "human rights".

As if they felt they weren't doing enough to undermine human rights and everything else we in the Free World tend to take for granted, Google is now censoring criticism of the malevolently evil Chinese Commies... in America.

WND has documented that Google already disregards commemorations of national American holidays such as Memorial Day but honors China's year of the pig, has refused to link to news sources critical of radical Islam but hosts blogs containing homosexual pornography, hosts blogs promoting "boy love" and sexual relationships between men and adolescents but refuses to run ads from a Christian ministry to homosexuals, and has blocked ads attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton but welcomes ads attacking President Bush and other Republican leaders.

Now website owner Chris Langdon said he found out that Google censors criticism of China within the United States, after he launched his ChinaIsEvilsite and was denied permission to purchase advertising on the search engine.

His site lobbies against the continued financial support for China by the purchase of products and the location of business ventures there. He notes that his opposition is to the oppressive government in China, not the population itself.

"Not all Chinese people are evil, of course. Many in China want more freedom, as evidenced by Tiananmen Square. However, the Communist Chinese government has been, and is, a murderous one. The Communist Chinese slaughtered millions during the Chinese Revolution. After coming to power they murdered thousands of landowners after mock trials. Subsequently, Communist China invaded Tibet and murdered a million Tibetans," the site says.

ChinaIsEvil documents the horrors of the CCP since its formation, including the fact that the CCP is responsible for some tens of millions of murders in the name of its evil ideology.

It calls for boycotting China (I already try to avoid buying anything made in China whenever possible, but it's so bloody hard! I would really like Free World governments to wake up and ban doing business with these soulless butchers).

The site's owner requested to buy ads for the site, but Google simply ignored him completely. Hmm. If a printshop owner ignored some "gay" folks who wanted to have "gay" propaganda printed, he'd be hauled before the "Human Rights Tribunal" or something like that for sure, automatically. Apparently there's a bizarre set of standards when it comes to the matter of "human rights": one can't legally refuse to submit to the demands of militant homosexual propagandists, but one can be discriminated against for criticizing the murderous Communist regime of China. This is unacceptable, but I'm sure evil leftist-communist propaganda trolls online (like, for example, the mysterious, shady "Balbulican" and "StageLeft", possibly two aliases of the same person) will try to throw up smoke and mirrors, create confusion and doubt with their masterful, professional gobbleddygook, essentially denying the whole thing and/or attempting, with annoyingly pretentious (and nonsensical) verbal-diarrhea sophistry, dazzling with their very impressive writing skills, to foster confusion and intellectually paralyzing doubt in the minds of readers. Such trolls are, of course, best left ignored. Don't respond to them no matter what. If you do, you'll regret it, as these deceptively polite, friendly-sounding, forked-tongued trolls just won't quit no matter what.

To be fair, MSN and Yahoo also refused to run the CCP critic's ads. Clearly, it's not just Google. It would appear to give rise to suspicion that there's some kind of big-corporation conspiracy to submit to the forces of evil.

These big corporations must be publicly exposed to the light of truth. If they cannot do business without bending over, pants around ankles, for evil totalitarian regimes, then they must be shamed for their putting the almighty buck ahead of human rights, etc. And that can hurt their bottom line. Maybe they should just cease Free World operations and move to China, exclusively serving their evil masters for money.

Ok, now a more broad, but related, rant:

Always remember, many leftists are extremely greedy, unethical, immoral folks who will stop at nothing to make a few bucks. Like the fellows who're conspiring to flood the North American market with cheap Chinese-made cars and trucks. They include the uber-leftist billionaire puppeteer of the US Democratic Party, George Soros; Maurice Strong, Powercorp tycoon and puppeteer of the Liberal Party of Canada (himself in exile in China for some reason I probably, for fear of legal retaliation, shouldn't mention until the MSM also mentions it); Malcolm Bricklin, the guy responsible for the crappy Yugo car and the halfassed "Bricklin SV1" gullwing sportscar of the Seventies who managed to slickly screw New Brunswick taxpayers out of millions of dollars with his amateurish, fly-by-night auto manufacturing venture that was destined to fail right from the beginning.

The left is so full of such characters with disturbing business, political and personal connections. Strange how leftists nevertheless prefer to demonize non-leftists, projecting their own faults onto us in a futile attempt to cover up their own personal crappiness, isn't it?