Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chinese Diplomat's Wife Defects, Renounces Communism

Story here.

Twenty million strong. That's the army of Chinese who have left the Chinese Communist Party.

And it's growing.

Here's one of these brave, honorable people.

Excerpts (Emphasis mine):

Around 2 p.m. on March 30, in front of the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, the wife of a diplomat who serves in the Chinese Embassy in Canada, Ms. Zhang Yanji, stood out publicly to announce her withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at a rally organized to support 20 million Chinese people quitting the CCP.

Zhang expressed that she was not only gratified to see more and more people cast off the CCP's control, but was proud of being one of them—of standing up to speak out and break completely from the Chinese Communist Party.

At the rally, Zhang revealed that the Embassy controls the Chinese community for the purpose of making them affect the mainstream society. She also spoke about how a special department in the Chinese Embassy exists to search and collect information about Falun Gong practitioners and political dissidents.

(End Excerpts)

Please note that Ms. Zhang mentioned that the Communists, via their Embassy, influence Chinese in Canada into influencing other Canadians.

Just as I suspected. The Communists are trying to manipulate the Canadian people, just as did (and still does) the Soviet/Russian Communists.

I'm beginning to think that the Communists, over the decades following the end of WWII, have successfully infiltrated pretty much all areas of the Free World nations, effecting propagandic promulgation, basically indoctrinating the masses. They likely have deep-undercover agents in the MSM, including in positions of power and influence over what is to be reported and what is to be covered up. Plus, I'm certain that their agents are also quite prevalent in Free World leftist/"centrist" parties, like the Democrats in the US and the Liberals/NDP/Bloc in Canada. But all of this merely scratches the surface. They're in education, too, for example, probably getting elected to school boards, etc. in order to control and determine the curricula of our public schools for the purposes of dumbing down our societies, weakening them over time while the non-Free World gets serious about real education. The indoctrination happening these days is, in my opinion, wholly unnecessary, even given the standard sugarcoating argument of "promoting tolerance and respect for diversity". Nonsense- the indoctrination is all dogmatic sophistry designed to weaken our Free World societies and facilitate further Communist infiltration thereunto.

Note also that the Embassy is practicing espionage. Right here in Canada. Against the guarantees of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Imagine that: a foreign, evil empire, allowed to have an embassy on our soil, interfering in our domestic affairs and with our people and their minds. And spying on people they don't like, on the basis of religious faith. (Imagine the uproar if our government was found to be spying on Muslims!) Plus those who refuse to be told what to think, who reject the Communist ideology. But then again, the CCP which rules China with machine guns to the peoples' heads to force obedience, which puts anyone they don't like in prison for the purpose of organ harvesting for extraordinary profit... what do we expect of such a malevolently evil empire?

Communism is far from defeated. (The Communists and the KGB continue to rule Russia, as a matter of fact- they were never purged at all- they simply made some changes to the way things were done in order to adapt to new realities facing them. The whole democracy/freedom of the press/expression thing? Apparently it's a farce, as we now see, with all those people being murdered after having communicated things the state didn't like) But it's clear that Communism is under pressure, its future in jeopardy due to torrential defections by Chinese who cannot tolerate the horrific, brutally authoritarian evilness of the CCP regime.

The Communists may well have become desperate, hurried in the past decade or so, accellerating international espionage/propaganda activities and accellerating their control over the Islamic World, accellerating the international terrorism we've been seeing so much of since the early Nineties.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the left of the Free World appears to me to have become really powerful and monolithic, with well-indoctrinated loyalists placed throughout the state apparati and in government, education, media and the legal/judicial systems. The era of Clinton/Chretien, which I followed most closely, was quite something to witness: rampant devil-may-care liberalism, transitory-euphoria-intensive ideologies being promoted, sexual extremism and deviance being canonized in inexplicable ways, dangerous criminals being treated more and more leniently by judges and parole boards, rampant government corruption and criminality, gross immorality becoming normalized (remember what that sex-addicted Clinton did and that he got away with it), political correctness becoming a force (effectively fascist) virtually impossible to oppose (until now), the decimation of the Free World militaries via withdrawal of critical funds... basically, an overall weakening of the Free World. This weakening is, of course, what the Axis of Evil wants and is obviously involved in.

The Communists realize that if they don't spread their ideology soon, and by propaganda and by force, using whatever pawns and proxies (radical leftwing anarchists and Islamic jihadists, etc) as weapons, then they'll soon experience further collapse. No wonder the CCP is building its military forces and advancing its technology in a manner and at a speed reminiscent of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler and no wonder Russia has developed missiles it claims can penetrate the North American BMD shield, which is purely defensive but which the left vehemently opposes, likely with the inspiration of Communist agents' manipulation and influencing.

Well, this is what I believe is happening, now that I've been looking into the Communists' history and interferences in the Free World and Islamic World over time and so on...

My research is continuing.

As I come to further theories or realizations, I'll be posting my thoughts on them.

In the meantime, stand on guard for thee.