Monday, April 02, 2007

Russia's Responsibility for Terrorism: Required Reading

It's not just about Islam. The Russian Communists/KGB are the inventors of terrorism, as a matter of fact. Islam is a pawn/proxy/scapegoat, a weapon used by the Communists. Islam is merely the perfect useful ideology, harnessed by the KGB in the interests of Russia and Communism and in the interests of Russian Communism's ultimate imperialist aims.

It's a 25-page, fully referenced, historical research article.

Read it here. Might as well print out a copy to read at your leisure.

The MSM won't tell us about this. Why?

The Communists also don't want us to see this.

I'm also aware that the Chinese Communists are involved as well.

It's about Communist imperialism.

Inform yourself.