Sunday, April 08, 2007

School Bans Easter Bunny

Renames him "Peter Rabbit".

Incredible- the rampant Christianophobia, isn't it?

They think the Easter Bunny is a religious symbol? Oh, dear, I wonder what they did to Jesus at that school?

In related news, a website is created to mock the crazy Christianophobes in response to another school having had a play put on in which it depicted Christians as terrorists, incredibly claiming that they wanted to make it "as realisitic as possible".

I like that website. Mocking the Christianophobes is the right thing to do. They don't expect it.

See the site for yourself: The New Crusaders

You'll love it. It totally makes fun of, ridicules many Big Lies told about Christians by leftwing bigots and the MSM. It's funny, too!

Just don't forget to scroll down to where it says, "Ok, in all seriousness". And where it provides a link for those who hold such leftist prejudices to learn about what Christianity really is like.

And the disclaimer at the very bottom of the page is priceless also:

DISCLAIMER: Attention FBI, Homeland Security, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Americans United, CAIR, Jihadists, Amnesty International, NOW, and the stonewall Union -- the above Agenda is satire to demonstrate absurd paranoia.