Monday, April 16, 2007

Dutch Foreign Min. To Block Hamas Prez Haniyeh's Entry

Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen

Story here.

The Dutch Foreign Minister is to do all in his power to prevent Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh from entering the Netherlands. As the Dutch see Hamas as a terrorist organization, they won't recognize them, therefore Haniyeh needs to forget about it. Any politician who refuses to recognize Israel... will not be granted an audience by the Dutch government.

The American-Israeli Patriot says:

I firmly believe that if Europe had more men like Mr.Verhagen we wouldn't be in the dire situation that we found ourselves. Moslems wouldn't be freely rioting across the continent. Iran would have long ago given up its nuclear aspirations. The global jihad would be reeling.

The fuel that powers global Islamic terror is our lack of desire to acknowledge that the war is on. If there is no war, there is no fight.

Mr. Verhagen is aware that the war is on. The EU classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization yet EU actions do not reflect this. Mr. Verhagen has thrown down the gauntlet. Either you are with him or against him in the WAR ON TERROR (capitalized for the Brits).

I agree and salute Mr. Verhagen and the Dutch for standing up for Israel, the only Free World nation in the Middle East!

The voices against evil are growing ever more numerous and louder.