Friday, April 13, 2007

Conspiracy of the Moonbats

Bad. Very, very bad. Here's some reason why.
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Disgustingly, Green Party Leader May has chosen the path of politcal opportunism and of partisan blindness, declaring that the terribly unpopular, flipflopping-like-a-freshly-caught-trout-fingerling, poorly-skilled-in-English Dion "the best choice for Prime Minister".
In return, she gets a much easier campaign in the next Federal Election. And she won't run a candidate against Dion in his riding, either.
Marvel at how she's turned into a corrupt, sellout Librano! Out goes Belinda, in goes Elizabeth! Sellout, sellout, sellout!
Don't be surprised if she compromises on Green principles to please Monsieur Citoyenne Dion.
Now, for the really, really scary stuff:
-Cheered when the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were hit on 9/11. Called it "beautiful".
-Still absolutely stands by everything he wrote in the reprehensible, shocking, horrible article in 2002. (Why did he not get torn to pieces back then?! Imagine if he had called some folks "nappy-headed ho's" instead!)
What's equally terrible is this:
Green Leader Elizabeth May says she is giving the “benefit of the doubt” to a party candidate in Vancouver who described the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 as beautiful.
Speaking in New Glasgow, N.S., today, May says she hasn’t spoken to Kevin Potvin but she expects him to clarify his position.
Oh, of course, she also qualifies giving him the "benefit of the doubt" by also condemning what he wrote and said that he won't be allowed to run for the Greens "if those reflect his real views".
She's as wishy-washy-mushy and trying to appease everyone as is any Liberal, like Stephane Dion, the "leader".
Huh? If he was a Conservative, he wouldn't get any "benefit of the doubt"... He'd be torn to shreds by the MSM every bloody hour and be dismissed just as was Mr. Imus in the US for his "nappyhead" comment. But Ms. May is all too eager to give the benefit of the doubt to such a reprehensible piece of shit. Ms. May should've instead said, "Show me what he wrote." And, immediately after reading it, declared "He's not running for my party. He's out!"
Terrorist-lovers should never be given the benefit of the doubt. They must instead be given the opportunity to repent fully and unconditionally, denouncing all terrorism... or be told to go straight to hell and stripped of whatever job they have... and be hauled before the Human Rights Tribunal and all that crap.
This doesn't just make May and the Greens look bad. It also, by way of endorsement, makes Dion and the Liberals look bad.
These moonbats... are they all the same or what?
Hey, leftists: you know, if you criticize the way I present this evidence in this post, let me remind you of the way the left, particularly the leftist-dominated MSM, presents/omits/spins evidence, lies and propaganda when they're going after any non-leftists, particularly powerful ones like President Bush and Prime Minister Harper... and like Lord Conrad Black (he's another story for another time, to be told once he's acquitted, and he will be, as there's no evidence to back up the ludicrous, trumped-up-by-the-left charges against him, if you're following the trial). Fair's fair... tit for tat, goose & gander & all that!
Next thing you know, the Librano$$$ are going to swallow the Green$$$ in a merger of the two moonbat parties!