Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Iraqi Spy in America

Story here. h/t:
The story of Shaaban is as captivating as it is unsettling. The Palestinian-born Russian-educated Shaaban settled in Greenfield, Indiana, with his family and worked as a truck driver for CLM Freight Lines in nearby Indianapolis. According to reports, his commercial driver’s license was issued under an alias – Shaaban Hafed. Also using the alias of “Joe Brown”, Shaaban portrayed himself to be a typical trucker – if, of course, your typical trucker has ties to Saddam Hussein’s intelligence network, Mukhabarrat, and travels to Iraq to negotiate contracts worth millions.
According to a press release issued by the Department of Justice in Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 3, 2005, Shaaban was not as he appeared. In late 2002, instead of doing what most truckers do – haul freight – Shaaban was meeting with operatives in the Hussein regime in Iraq, offering to sell the names of US intelligence operatives for 3 million dollars as well as negotiating contracts to recruit “human shields” to protect Iraqi infrastructure during the upcoming invasion.
Is Shaaban just an “average trucker” as he claimed, with grand illusions of being a Middle Eastern 007 or was he really a terrorist spy - hiding behind the steering wheel of a Freightliner, waiting for the right moment to strike? This, more than any Mullawala wanna-be, should raise alarm within the trucking industry. The apparent ease with which Shaaban used false documents to obtain a commercial driver’s license and legitimate employment to drive a potential 80,000 pound bomb through cities such as Indianapolis and Chicago must be addressed. Everyone is becoming suspect, as it is impossible to be sure if the driver in the Peterbilt next to you at the Pilot Truck Stop is really just a guy hauling cheese to the Wal Mart distribution center…or a bomb to a schoolyard.
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He claimed that his "identical twin brother", not he, was the guy in question.
But he forgot to tell his actual brother (not a twin) to say so, too. Stupid... his brother ended up testifying that, no, there is no twin brother.
So, if his only defence is that they had him confused with a man who never existed, it's not looking good for him.
No wonder no lawyer wants to defend this guy!
I note also the fact of his being educated in Russia. Coincidence? Not necessarily. Wonder if he also has any ties to the KGB or other Russian agency? After all, Russia has indeed had close ties to the Iraqi regime under the recently-hanged-for-crimes-against-humanity Saddam Hussein. Surely Russia is likely somehow involved. We cannot afford any delusions that Russia is a friend of the Free World. There's no evidence that they are. Quite the contrary. We must keep an eagle eye on Russia, China and the rest of the Axis, but particularly those two Communist-controlled nations, for they're indubitably malevolent in ultimate international intent. And I will endeavor to make this case over time.