Monday, April 09, 2007

Astonishing Stupidity, Illogic & Hypocrisy From the Left


Not only is this the height of stupidity, it's the height of absolute illogic as well.

Terrorism itself is anti-humanity. So to call fighting terrorism "fighting human rights" is so illogical one must necessarily want the folks who make such an insane assertion to be detained for psychological evaluation! (Why not? The German Reich does it to all homeschoolers today, in accordance with Hitler's own law against homeschooling! And the left is either ignorant of this fact, or simply doesn't care, or even justifies this clear robbing of people of their human rights!)

What on earth makes people say such things? It's mind-boggling and mysterious!

Anyway, we needn't take any lectures from those who think it's fine to take human rights away from JudeoChristians and non-leftists. And who look the other way on how the Islamists and the Communists treat human beings. The left is purely hypocritical as well as purely illogical and purely insane. No doubt whatsoever. If you are a leftist, wake up! Leave the left! They're dangerous!

Oh, and a message to leftists: I reserve the right to not post your comments. Why? Why should I? You already have such crazy-ass folks, the MSM and the Democrats to speak for you, plus you have blogs of your own. No way am I going to assist you in the spread of your dangerous anti-Free-World, submit-to-evil propaganda! You can call it censorship, which it isn't, but again you're being hypocritical and you know it!