Friday, April 27, 2007

Al Gore and Maurice Strong: Climate Change Fraudsters

Above: Billionaire Liberal Maurice Strong, currently in voluntary exile in China since he was linked to the UN Oil-For-Food scandal. Look- he's giving us the finger!

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(Emphasis mine)

Now that it is certain that China will pass the United States as the world's biggest source of greenhouse gasses in 2007, will the Al Gore-Maurice Strong Choir be singing from the other side of the hymnbook?

Strong, Gore's partner in all things environmental, holed up in China after his name was linked to the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal. But as China's official environmental adviser, Strong knew for years that the communist country was headed to top the greenhouse gas offender's list.

Admittedly spending more than 50 percent of his time on Chinese projects since putting up in Beijing in 2003, Strong's avowed goal is to "replace the United States of America with China as a world leader in ecology". Fighting words that have failed abysmally.

Now for the all-important shocker... blog on this whenever mentioning the Chicken Little Campaign of Algor:

"In the past couple of months, economic growth and related coal consumption has grown at such an unexpected rate," IAE's chief economist Faith Birol said. "China's rising emissions will effectively cancel out attempts by other countries to reduce their own."

Read on for the rest of the damning information, including more illuminating facts about Maurice Strong and his longstanding connection to the CCP... his cousin was, in fact, a personal friend of Mao. Ewww!

These guys now have a lot of explaining to do.

Why on earth should Canada and other nations sacrifice if, given China's incredibly accelerating, skyrocketing emissions will mean our sacrifices will be in vain?

If China doesn't have to sacrifice its economy, then neither do we.

Too bad the vast leftwing conspiracy has successfully forced our governments already to take measures that will see us pay more for all kinds of things, with no environmental improvement at all.

Now, if the IPCC "scientists" and Al Gore are right, then if China is allowed to contine to spew rapidly-skyrocketing quantities of greenhouse gases, then the sky will indeed fall; the world will end tomorrow; it's the end of days; humanity will go the way of the dinosaurs and all that silly nonsense!

So what's it gonna be: turn against China right this very moment or shut the f... up already, you insane alarmists???

These guys are such liars. Fat Al Gore and his even richer happy bum buddy Maurice Strong. Why, those &%#&%^*$$$!!! I oughta %#^*^%&*$*%!!!

At least they'll have quick and easy access to whatever human organs they need, should their own fail, courtesy of their great friends in the Chinese Communist Party.

That's right: these guys are just fine with the way the CCP treats people in China. As long as kissing the CCP's ass makes them richer and richer, they'll look the other way on whatever incredible, inhuman, beastly evils the CCP commits on the Chinese.

Including greenhouse gas emissions which now exceed those of the United States of America and are continuing to rise at a monstrously unexpected rate... and which will destroy all life on Earth, if Al Gore is telling the truth (He isn't, is he? Or is he, but he doesn't care if humanity dies out completely pretty soon? Either way, Al Gore is a big, fat, greasy, honkin' asshole of brobdingnagian proportions, and that goes double for his comrade Mo Strong!)

These guys are pure scum.

Myself, I'm off to look at Humvees... don't you just looooove those dinosaur-juice sucker-uppers? And when you drive one, particularly the Gibraltaresque H1 Alpha, everyone gets the feck out of your way; they don't want to have you get mad and literally run right over and squish their wimpy little moonbatmobiles!