Friday, April 06, 2007

Dion Again Makes Hypocritical Demand of Harper

Dorky dimwitted dweebazoid doodyhead dupe Dion:
Do as I say, not as I didn't do

Flipflopping, gonadless, fortitude-deficient uberdork Stephane Dion, who inexplicably, surprisingly became leader of the wholly-discredited Liberals (oh, wait... his people are idiots and don't see that he's a spineless wonder who cannot lead himself out of a paper bag with a flashlight and a sniffer dog) only to demonstrate his uselessness as a politician, is, incredibly, hypocritically, flipfloppingly, all-too-easily, demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper act "aggressively" to stop imaginary, catastrophic "climate change", without admitting that he himself did absolutely nothing when it was his own responsibility to so something.

Incredible. This guy did nothing at all, yet he demands the Prime Minister "do something"? Well, what, specifically, does he propose, other than to "limit" greenhouse gas emissions as demanded by the "United Nations" (Oh, come on, for Pete's sake... the United Nations?! Is this guy for real?!)? What exactly does he want the Prime Minister to do to actually guarantee that Canada's greenhouse gas emissions go down, and by an impossible amount? His own party has admitted it's impossible, especially now that they did nothing themselves for so long even after signing and ratifying the terrible, leftwing-conspiratorial "Kyoto Protocol".

And there's no proof, really, that greenhouse gas emissions have caused, are causing, or will ever cause "climate change". There's just the hoax of a supposed 2,000 "scientists" allegedly "agreeing" that it's "highly likely" that it's our fault (Well, then, is it our fault that the Ice Age came and went?! Answer that one, "scientists"!)

The whole scam has been debunked. Now it's a pure dogma. A religion, actually. It's all a matter of belief, of faith, nothing more. The "scientific evidence" could've conceivably been falsified, a massive fraud. Oh, yes, it could've. Even if not, so what? It proves nothing; even the scientists who claim that the myth is real admit that they're not absolutely certain!

Besides, there's no doubt that taking "aggressive" action to reduce this kind of emission would effectively throw Canada into a deep depression, driving business right out of the country! Millions will end up unemployed; the government will go bankrupt and be forced to make massive cuts to all kinds of social programs; taxes and borrowing will skyrocket, amassing the debt all over again, creating an ever-worsening economic and social catastrophe the likes of which the Free World hasn't ever seen, except since perhaps World War II, with the devastation of Germany following its defeat, as well as of Japan following the two nuclear bombs dropped thereon in order to stop their imperialist advances worldwide.

Is Stephane Dion insane? Is he a puppet of greedy, sinister crooks hellbent on making a mess of Canada?

Why on earth should Canada do this if the rest of the world, including the entire Axis of Evil, won't?

If worldwide greenhouse gas emissions continue to skyrocket despite Canada's ill-advised self-destructiveness in a lamebrained attempt to save the world themselves, then so will so-called "global warming" and so will this supposed "catastrophic climate change" come and wipe out all life as we know it on earth.

Why should Canada destroy herself, then?

Why doesn't China, for one, destroy itself instead? They're one of the filthiest enviromental criminals ever... and are continuing to raise their emissions with reckless disregard for anything, despite their claims that they're doing something (who's going to believe those monsters in the Communist Party?).

It's clear that millions, heck, maybe billions, of people, have fallen prey to this BIG LIE.

What's wrong with everyone? Why believe what they're told without question? Why refuse to accept doubt?

Look around yourself. Can you witness your own climate changing drastically? I cannot, myself. I see no real change.

Hurricanes, tornadoes? Always had them. Besides, they're weather phenomena, not "climate". Weather phenomena are different every year, yet the "climate" remains pretty much the same.

Mark my words: nothing much will be done; greenhouse gases will continue to skyrocket all over the world. The world will not warm up noticeably, perhaps not for centuries, millennia, even longer... and climate will change very little, if at all.

These massive fearmongering campaigns aren't a new thing. They come and go, scaring folks witless. Just as the Great Global Warming Swindle will soon pretty much fade from news reports and Fat Algor will stop screaming his foolish Chicken Little head off, having milked the whole thing for all the money he could, all the while personally refusing to reduce his own extraordinarily extreme emissions, claiming to be "carbon neutral" (come on... if everyone's "carbon neutral" and continues to spew the gases, then... use your head!).

This campaign of terror cannot continue much longer. Something else will catch the interest of those responsible and they'll drop it like a hot potato. Don't believe me? Just watch them!

If someone tells you to sit down on a bed, drink what you've been handed in the paper cup, just like all the others in the underground bunker, and to "trust the leader", that it'll fulfil the promises you've been made and which you willingly believed, giving up your life's savings and taking off your clothes for those exalted "leaders", don't do it. You are in a cult, understand? It's all a BIG LIE. So, first, demand that your leader switch cups with you and drink first. If he refuses, then throw the cup and liquid at him and go home. Just as Al Gore refuses to sacrifice. Just as David Suzuki refuses to sacrifice.

Just as Stephane Dion refused to sacrifice when he was responsible for doing what he's demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper do now.

Is all this all that hard to understand? Do y'all still wish to believe the BIG LIE?

Screw Stephane Dion (not literally; you don't know who else he's been screwing, besides the Canadian taxpayers, of course)!