Thursday, April 26, 2007

FDA Planning to Regulate Supplements as Drugs

Read about it for yourself.

As I read about it, I noted that this "regulation" of natural health products is also part of the secretive, mysterious "North American Security and Prosperity Partnership".

In short, this just smacks of increased state control of the peoples' lives and freedom of choice... and, worse, it includes the threat of increased international integration and the loss of national sovereignty. (However, as I indicated in a post below, the secretive SPP is going to be publicly examined and discussed by concerned Canadian MPs on TV on May 1st and 3rd, which is a good thing!) Hmm... I bet some Americans and a few Mexicans will be watching Canuck TV those days...

I'm not convinced at all that any of this SPP or regulation of natural supplements is a positive thing at all. I use natural health products all the time and would be loathe to see those products become available only with a prescription, requiring one to pay to go to some "holistic" doctor for a prescription and then pay significantly inflated prices for the product, just because it's deemed by the state to be a "drug" and must therefore be produced by big pharmaceutical companies.

Sure, the FDA will deny that this is what it means, but they also fail to convincingly, adequately explain what it does mean.

And, with the Democrats now going full speed ahead with all sorts of authoritarian, statist, leftwing social reengineering projects, is it so farfetched that they'd want to micromanage our lives in this way? That's what leftists do. They're that close to communists, Stalinists...

And there's much, much more that the left wants to impose on the people. Just watch them. They're not really trying very hard to hide their agenda anymore. They're getting increasingly arrogant, cocky (perhaps that's not a good word, as it makes one think of Bill Clinton) and power-intoxicated... just look at Nasty Nancy Pelosi... and just imagine Billary as President... scary... that uber-feminazi and her perverted chubby hubby back in the White House, inviting all sorts of leftists and bad guys to sleep, perchance to have orgies, in the Lincoln Bedroom or the Oral, er, Oval Office... again! And the Bushes just had the old, gross-stain-spotted carpets replaced!

Just say no to leftwing authoritarian command and control!