Friday, September 04, 2009

WND Reports On Canada's 'Hate Speech' Law Being Declared Unconstitutional

This is significant for America, which has a "hate crimes" law now, thanks to the extremist Obama Regime.

Of course, we already knew that any "hate speech" laws are unconstitutional. We don't need the Tribunal to tell us that. Besides, the Tribunal is guilty of violating constitutional rights, so it's quite surprising that they've finally seen the light and the error of their ways!

Nevertheless, this ruling by the Tribunal can be cited when arguing with Leftists who claim that it's ok to censor inconvenient speech and oppress and tyrannize the speakers.

And Americans can cite the Canadian precedent when discussing the concept of silencing dissent in Obamerica.

After all, what happens in one country can be cited as precedent for the other, such as the Left in America using the former-Liberal-government-imposed"gay marriage" thing in Canada to suddenly push for it in America.