Monday, September 28, 2009

'Palestinians' Attack, Wound Jewish Tourists

Above: Piece-of-shit Islamic supremacists throwing rocks.
Below: A piece-of-shit white supremacist who looks like "Gollum".

I wonder if some of the Islamic supremacists also are as ugly? That'd explain the face-hiding...
What's that I hear? A Leftist accusing me of spewing hatred and contempt against white supremacists? Yeah, right. As if they'd ever have a problem with anyone doing
that! Ok to spew thusly about white supremacists, but not about Islamic supremacists or any other kind of supremacists not hated by the international neo-communist apparatus.

Of course, there's a historical connection between white supremacists and Islamic supremacists. There were Islamic Nazis amongst the Third Reich's military forces, after all...

Hateful "Palestinian" Muslims throwing rocks, as others did in the following incident, at people just because they were Jewish.

Obviously the "Palestinian Authority" teaches "Palestinians" to hate, hate, hate...

These folks don't deserve to have a state of their own, internationally recognized, because the state would be founded on nothing but hate.

Don't think of such violent, hateful 'Palestinians' as meek, innocent, harmless, victimized people. Think of them in the same way you'd think of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, skinheads, gay-bashers, Klansmen...

In a hate crime proving the virulent, widespread Jew-hatred on the part of the 'Palestinians'.

It's what the "Palestinian Authority" teaches them in the schools and all over the place. It's their culture. A culture of hate, of supremacism, of "Kill the Joooos! Push Israel into the sea!".

It cannot be justified. After all, who started it, and who's keeping it going? The Muslims, the Arab-Islamic World, the "Palestinians", with lots of help from the USSR/Russians since the Sixties and earlier. Go ahead... take as long as you need to do the necessary research, from as many sources as possible.

JERUSALEM – The Palestinian Authority was behind violent clashes on the Temple Mount today that left 24 people wounded hours before the start of the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, according to both Israeli security sources and a source inside the PA.

Earlier today, clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian worshipers erupted at the Temple Mount and at several sites throughout Jerusalem's Old City.

The incidents reportedly took place just as a group of Jewish visitors ascended the Mount –the holiest site in Judaism.

Much of the Palestinian news media is claiming the Jewish worshipers were right-wing Israeli extremists who ascended the Mount to threaten the site. In actuality, many of the Jewish dozen or so visitors today were tourists and were part of a guided group that regularly ascends the Mount during daily hours when Jewish visitors are permitted.

Of course. Always blaming the Israelis. Always blaming the Jews. Blame the victims!

Just like Manuel Zelaya claims that "Israeli mercenaries" are torturing him with psychoaffective gas and "low-intensity radiation" from a satellite dish outside the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras. Sheesh!

Savages. Hateful, violent extremists without a cause, other than "Islam", which is hardly cause to go around hurting and murdering people who are different, just because they're different.