Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kinsella Thinks He's Being Smart, But...

There's no point trying to divert attention from Michael Ignatieff's ineptitude as a leader. Neither the red sweater nor Warren Kinsella's pathetic clownish antics will hide the fact that not only is Iggy another Dion-esque leadership failure, but that he's also too "right-wing" for many Liberals who happen to be hard-left, including, ironically, Iggy loyalist Warren Kinsella!

Warren Kinsella is again getting overexcited about something he wrongly believes will hurt the Conservatives.

So pathetic.

This is all he's got.

What is it? A memo of talking points. OMG! This is damning, all right! I'm laughing my ass off here, Warren!

Oh, come on, Warren! You guys, the Liberals, have your own communications in which you give your folks talking points, too. Nothing sinister here about your somehow intercepting a Tory communication about talking points. Nothing at all. Kind of like when the Liberal who was invited to a "private" Harper speech, videotaped it and distributed it because stupid Liberals somehow think it was damning just because they got it semi-undercover.

If anything, the story is actually about the behavior of Liberal brownshirts like you, Warren. Sheesh... you guys are just like the ACORN brownshirts, except the ACORN guys were actually politically effective!

As for the "United Nations", it's a criminal, evil, hateful, anti-Semitic organization which doesn't deserve any respect at all.

And "climate change" is a big lie.

Wise folks will think that Warren Kinsella and the Liberals are poopheads and won't blame the Conservatives for doing the right thing (like walking out before the speech from the horrible monster Ahmadinejad, who hates everyone and has promised to kill lots and lots of people just 'cause he doesn't like 'em... Liberals wouldn't walk out, 'cause they don't want to be rude to evil tyrants).

I just can't believe how pathetic Warren Kinsella is. He's grasping at straws and finding nothing of value and using it anyway, making a fool of himself.

And that in addition to the stupidity of his boss, Michael Ignatieff. Deal with this, Warren:

Outremont feud puts Ignatieff in bind

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is coming under intense pressure to reverse a decision that blocks Martin Cauchon's political comeback in the prized Quebec riding of Outremont.

Party insiders say discussions between emissaries for the former justice minister and the leader's office are taking place in a bid to find a “win-win solution” to the controversy.

Mr. Ignatieff sparked a backlash within the party when he confirmed Monday that he's decided to appoint a woman as the Liberal candidate in Outremont, a Montreal riding held by Mr. Cauchon for 11 years before his retirement from politics in 2004.

And it appears that M. Cauchon is being snubbed because he's a hard-leftist Liberal.

Mr. Cauchon was the Chr├ętien-era justice minister who spearheaded legislation to legalize same-sex marriage and decriminalize marijuana. He is something of a symbol for progressive Liberals who believe their stance on social justice issues is one of the few things that distinguishes their party from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

The hard-left wing of the Liberal Party is mad as hell at Iggy.

And, by the way, Warren Kinsella is a staunch supporter of Iggy.

I wonder if this means that Warren Kinsella is also a "mean-spirited right-wing redneck who doesn't like gays and doesn't want pot to be legalized"? Probably not- it more likely means that Warren is practicing doublethink, trying to have it both ways, pretending he's not being a hypocrite. Typical leftist/neo-communist.

Hey, NDPers and Jack Layton: Here's your opportunity to poach hard-left Liberal and swing voters!

ht: NNW

Also, Bourque Newswatch has this inconvenient report.

"Worse than Dion"

"Control freaks and bullies"

BOURQUE EXCLUSIVE: And so it begins. In Outremont, of all places. The end of the beginning, the beginning of the end. For bookish Harvard Professor Michael Ignatieff's leadership of the once-proud, and united, Liberal Party. A tutelage foisted on the party's membership, seemingly unstoppable, certainly uncontested, increasingly regretted. The brown envelopes have begun to circulate, the sniping is increasing, the knives are being sharpened. "This is worse than Dion", confided one key ground-zero Liberal to this scribbler, "I am hearing attacks on him at dinners etc that are more than brutal." In Montreal, and elsewhere, fingers are being pointed at the "control freaks and bullies" who keep Ignatieff leashed and who refuse the effervescence of renewal in a blind headlong lust for power. One example, according to a Toronto Lib who bleeds red, "the Ontario caucus did not want an early election, but Ignatieff announced Harper's time was up before he even consulted us. Pierre, the Ontario caucus IS the Liberal Party", argued our source. To some, the Iggy era will be remembered as an amiable three hour cruise, yes, a three hour cruise gone wrong. To others, it will be but a footnote in the storied history of a once (and future) great political dynasty of political giants such as Laurier, King, Pearson, Trudeau, and Chretien. Developing ...