Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AFP Delivers Hatchet-Job Report On Palin Speech

Sarah Palin

UPDATE: Wall Street Journal Online shows the clearly anti-Palin AFP how proper reporting is to be conducted.

"We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place," the former Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate said Wednesday at a conference sponsored by investment firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. "We're not interested in government fixes, we're interested in freedom," she added.

She's right. The mortgage crisis was due to government interference. The Democrats made the banks give loans to people who couldn't repay them, so... domino effect followed the crash, and it went global.

On the foreign-policy front, she told the room full of bankers and executives of the importance of the global fight against terrorism and of finding ways to engage China as a global power. She said China "rightfully makes a lot of people nervous."

No secret that I'm wary of China under the Communist Party regime. I know how horrible that regime is, notwithstanding the Old Approved Media's refusal to tell us about it.

Ms. Palin's address, which drew strong applause at the end, was officially closed to the media. The Wall Street Journal reviewed a recording of the speech.

Ah. Recording of the speech. The WSJ therefore knows what Mrs. Palin said and can do a proper report, without resorting to spewing, like the AFP did, alleged hearsay from apparent anti-Palin attendees. See, AFP, you should've gotten a recording too, before engaging in your worthless hatchet job on Mrs. Palin. It would've been smarter to get the recording, tell your readers what it said, and let them decide for themselves if they like it, rather than just telling the readers that a few folks allegedly said nasty things about Palin's speech. Shame on you, AFP!

She described her political philosophy as a "common-sense conservatism," and said the free-market policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher should be guides for how to get out of the current economic situation. "Liberalism holds that there is no human problem that government can't fix if only the right people are put in charge," she said.

Palin is right.

And she's more ballsy than others when it comes to China. The lady's not afraid to anger the Communist Party with inconvenient truth... even when inside their territory.

She talked about the recent protests of ethnic minority Muslim Uighurs, Chinese labor conditions, and Tibet. Ms. Palin mentioned Charter 08, a document signed by prominent academics and dissidents calling for greater democracy and openness in China.

Story here.

You know, the AFP would never do a report like this about Obama. They wouldn't highlight so many anonymous delegates who allegedly claimed to not like the speech, to put it mildly.

One must wonder as to the impartiality, credibility, integrity and journalistic ethics of the AFP.

I suspect that the negative nellies amongst the delegates are biased and prejudiced anyway, and nothing Saray Palin says will ever impress them. Such is the nature of prejudice and Leftist Mental Disorder.

Sarah Palin is right, of course, in what she said about the Obamacrats' terrible policies and the ultimate deleterious effects thereof.

Anyway, the AFP wasn't there. They're taking the word of the delegates for it, assuming they're telling the truth. Of course, it's entirely possible that the AFP is simply fabricating imaginary negative delegate commentary, much like Reuters has been caught fabricating nasty stuff about Israel.

What a shitty report. What good is it to present hearsay as fact? The speech was closed to the press, so one must take every report on it with a grain of salt.

Contrast this utter lack of evidence with the undeniable sting video exposing ACORN as a child-prostitution racket. Funny how the Old, Approved Media doesn't want to report on that, even though the evidence is absolutely solid and has likely been seen by millions already.