Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Caves To Evil Empire

Unholy submission: The Manchurian Candidate embracing the Bear.

But is it any surprise?

You know, this is in line with one of the Communist Goals for America. If you haven't read about them already, you should. They tell you all about the true agenda of the Obama-Democrat Neo-Communist Regime.

Of course Russia is pleased. America, currently internationally symbolized by the bowing-to-monsters, submissive-to-evil Obama, is dropping trou and bending over submissively for the Bear. Indeed, this is intolerable. Like feck Americans will allow this usurper-traitor Manchurian Candidate to make America ever-more vulnerable to attack and invasion.

That's what Darth Vladimir wants.

This is what a real American President would have done instead of submitting:

Unfortunately, Obama's no King Leonidas...