Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Hate-Israel BS From Jew-Hating UN, The Tool Of Evil Regimes

Let it be declared that the United Nations is nothing more than a propaganda weapon of the Axis of Evil!

Just listen to their latest Big Lie against Israel.

Why not accuse the Axis of Evil of war crimes? How about Russia for their attack on Georgia, with the wholesale deliberate-targeting-and-slaughter of innocents?

How about China for its attacks on Tibet? Oh, that's right- the media was banned, so, well, what we don't know, can't be used against China, right?

Maybe Israel should ban the media, too, because the media is just a tool of the Enemy.

Whatever it takes to fight and defeat Pure Evil. Why the hell is it ok for the Axis of Evil to ban the media so as to slaughter innocents out of sight of the world, whereas it's not ok for Israel to ban the media so as to put a stop to the hateful, evil, Jew murderers?

It's clear that the International Neo-Communist Apparatus, which is closely tied as an ally of Supremacist, Imperialist Islam, is monstrously Anti-Jew. There is no doubt. This is why they want to let "Palestine" push Israel into the sea, forcing the Jews to again wander the desert for another forty years or whatever.

Let's turn our backs on the United Nations, for it's nothing but a tool of evil today.

And form a real United Democratic Nations that's willing to collectively declare war on the Axis of Evil and declare Supremacist, Imperialist Islam a grave threat to all humanity.

Those who demonize Israel or at least believe the Big Lies being spewed at the tiny, massively-surrounded-by-hate-and-murder-obsessed-Islamic-supremacist-nations, ever-vulnerable-and-under-constant-attack nation are either themselves Jew-haters or are incredibly stupid and guillible. Just like much of the population of Germany during the Third Reich and during Goebbels's Big Lie propaganda campaign.

Come to think of it, it's as if Hitler's Nazis, again in an alliance with the supremacist, imperialist Muslim Brotherhood, were controlling the UN today!