Sunday, September 27, 2009

AP Overfocuses On Astroturf Leftwing Mob Re Honoring Of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck was given a key to the city in his hometown the other day, an event in which 7,000 supporters were in attendance.

The Associated Press (AP) made, of course, too much out of the negativity-and-nonsense-spewing left-wing mob sent by the neo-communist propaganda apparatus, obviously via community organizers.

The AP, which is beholden to de-facto dictator of the neo-communist apparatus, George Soros, for his allowance of them to use bullshit claims and statements from his hard-left organizations as "news" for free, was only too eager to give too much of a voice to the Astroturf mob of hard-leftwingers without anything better to do than let some asshole from the pimpin' ACORN "organize" them and pay them to go and scream ridiculous, defamatory propaganda about those who aren't leftists like them.

The AP didn't pay much, if any, attention to the Tea Parties in the beginning, did they? But they pay lots of attention to any hard-left protests. Interesting.

The "uproar" was made the story. How come the obviously-fake, pre-scripted-by-hard-left-community-organizers "uproars" over non-leftists like Beck are made the big story, but the massive, pan-American uproars over Obama and the Democrats' extremist agenda are marginalized and demonized, in contrast? Hmm.

Was the following paragraph really necessary?

Groups have demonstrated on the streets and in city council meetings over the conservative commentator’s visit. Petitions have been collected calling on the cancellation of the visit. A small business owner put up a sign that says: “Glenn Beck & Hatred not welcome here.” And the leader of a nearby city has offered the key to his city to Jon Stewart in sort of a mayoral rebuttal.
Huh. A small business owner put up a sign, "Beck and hatred not welcome". You know, I'd say that Obama and hatred aren't welcome by Americans! Sheesh, that stupid-ass small business owner's so ignorant, apparently, as he's too stupid to realize that Mr. Beck was merely calling out Obama for his apparent racism. All Beck did was call the racist Obama a racist. Duh. Calling someone who's a racist makes oneself somehow "full of hate"? Illogical, but what do we expect from the hard left? Why did the AP think that the sign was newsworthy? They'd ignore all manner of communication if they didn't like its message about, say, Obama, the Democrats, GLBTs, Muslims, etc., so why are they so eager to give so much of a voice to a bunch of crazy, brainwashed, hard-left assholes who don't know what the hell they're screaming about?

If anything, the small business owner himself is full of hate, so his sign is hypocritical!

You know, I somehow doubt that ordinary citizens were involved in these activities against Glenn Beck. I believe that the likes of, perhaps, ACORN,, and/or other George Soros-funded neo-communist extremist/propagandist/intimidation groups were mostly, if not entirely, behind the whining, bitching, infantile, brainless bash-Beck charade.

Mr. Beck, later on his radio show, unruffled, laughed at the hard-left Astroturf teabagger Obamacrat-Regime-operatives mob:

“I’m afraid of even landing in my own home state. It used to be sane in Seattle. In the outlying areas, it used to be sane. Now, not so much,” Beck said on his radio show on Sept. 2. “You don’t know some of these people in Seattle ... They don’t have a life. They’re out hugging salmon and setting them free.”

I see the NAACP piped in, too. Sheesh- one would think that, a supposedly anti-racism organization like that would condemn Obama's proven, self-demonstrated racist mentality, rather than condemn those who call Obama out over it. Geez! Guess the NAACP might well be racist itself, then, and if not, then it's just lazily ignorant about Obama's real nature! What, do they actually believe that folks with dark skin can't be racists, therefore Obama, just because he's got dark skin, can't possibly be racist, no matter what he's said and written? Such a belief would itself be racist, of course.

Why won't the Big Media get off its ass and tell the People about the racist nonsense Obama has uttered? Are they protecting the racist from wider exposure as such? Oh, yes!

Some ignorant, guillible dummy said:

“I’m really sorry that it is happening,” said Rosie Gates-Malone, a 59-year-old Mount Vernon resident. “I think Glenn Beck is an extremely divisive, controversial person. He doesn’t brings people together.

Well, Rosie, I think Barack Obama is an extremely divisive, controversial person who doesn't bring people together. And so are you, honey. Open your mind to reality, quit being so guillible and lazily ignorant, eh!

Another fellow is a better indication of the ordinary, non-neo-communist-operative person:

“We got a lot of problems in this world,” Moseley said. “There’s a few of them we shouldn’t get too excited about. This one being one of them.”

Right. It's hard to believe that a bunch of ordinary folks with lives to take care of would waste time going around screaming bullshit about some guy from the radio and tv visiting his hometown. Ordinary folks are too damn busy to bother with something that doesn't affect them at all. It's not as if they're threatened with a proposed healthcare reform bill that could end up actually killing them, or about the fact that Obama is bankrupting America and disarming the military and letting terrorists and illegal aliens go free. Therefore, the "uproar" over some guy named Glenn Beck (who, not merely coincidentally, happens to be a very inconvenient thorn in the Obamacrat Regime's side) was manufactured, scripted and organized by the hard left, who's already been trying desperately to shut Glenn Beck up by whatever means they can grab hold of.