Friday, September 18, 2009

Star Candidate Chooses Tories Over Libs

Smart guy, that Chris Alexander, former Ambassador to Afghanistan.

This week Mr. Alexander, 41, made a surprise announcement that he would give up his foreign service career and seek the Conservative nomination in the suburban Toronto riding of Ajax-Pickering.

He is viewed as a prized catch for any political party, given his credentials as one of the world's leading authorities on Afghanistan.

While he acknowledged having conversations with Mr. Ignatieff and other party members, he and the Liberals have markedly different accounts about what transpired and whether Mr. Alexander ever intended to join the party.

In an interview, Mr. Alexander termed the Liberals' account of his encounters with them “simplistic.”

Well, of course. Smart folks know that Liberals are simplistic. And that Liberals can't be trusted to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as they obviously aren't telling about their attempts to seduce Mr. Alexander to come over to the Dark Side, to submit to Darth, er, Xerxes, er... Iggy...

Hey, Iggy, one of your own simplistic liberal guys has a message for you...

ht: NNW