Sunday, September 27, 2009

Liberal Infighting Bigger, Broader Than Outremont Spat

Those Liberals, they're always a-fightin'. When they're not throwing crap at the Conservatives, that is.

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There's more to the renewed hostilities inside the Liberal Party than a clash of ambitions between Martin Cauchon and Denis Coderre. It's a much broader canvas than that, involving the two warring Liberal clans, the Trudeau-Chrétien wing and the Turner-Martin side of the family.

Cauchon belongs to the former, Coderre to the latter, and Michael Ignatieff is now caught in middle of a shooting war that has shattered the delicate façade of party unity.

Cauchon's career path began in his native La Malbaie, where he worked as a butler on the household staff of Paul Desmarais. This is how he would have met Desmarais's son André and his wife France, whose father, Jean Chrétien, became Liberal leader in 1990, after years of constantly undermining the leadership of John Turner.

Eh? Cauchon was Paul Desmarais's butler? Well, how about that? Washing the rich guy's dirty gitchies and cleaning his crappers and stuff, 'cause rich folks are generally too damn lazy to do it themselves! Nevertheless, this is shaping up to be a sexy story about neverending infighting in the elitist organization known as the "Liberal Party". Hmm. Next thing you know, it'll be revealed on World Net Daily or some other New News Media outlet that Obama used to be George Soros's butler and used to wipe the old SOB's ass...

Uh-oh, now the Left is going to accuse me of being a butler-ophobe and a rich-old-fart-ophobe and of spewing hatred and contempt against butlers and rich old farts...

Canadians who see the Liberals always fighting, never getting along, always struggling over who gets to be Mr. Bigwig and crap like that, will realize that the Liberals are hardly in a position to concentrate on dealing with the day-to-day challenges of running Canada, particularly at a time when all kinds of shit is hitting fans all over the world.

In the immortal words of Casey Stengel, about the Amazin' Mets: "Can't anybody here play this game?" Apparently not.

Regarding the clowns in the following picture, I don't know whether they're the Chretien or the Martin faction, but they sure do have big guns. Betcha they didn't register them, the hypocrites!

Of course, I could be wrong about these clowns being Liberals. Maybe they're just participants in some gay parade somewhere, though they don't look very gay, do they?

Ah, I got it! They're some of the corny folks from ACORN or from or the SEIU or perhaps they're just plain old Democratic Party operatives...