Sunday, September 20, 2009

UN Off Its Rocker, Fearmongering For Easy Cash?

Sounds that way.

We already know that its Secretary-General of the so-called "United Nations" is a lunatic, what with his outrageously unbelievable theories on catastrophic climate change and so on and so forth.

We already know that the UN sees the likes of Iran as just a mildly-uppity nation whereas it sees Israel as a demon.

Now the UN is trying to fearmonger about a pandemic, about anarchy, to shake down the Free World for almost a billion pounds. Keep in mind that there's no observable evidence that there's going to be a serious international outbreak of the virus. These folks are just fearmongering.

I suspect that Obama will use this nonsense as an excuse to give away over a billion American bucks, to be repaid by a future American generation, of course. Unless, of course, America declares bankruptcy and doesn't have to repay it anyway (then, of course, there can be no more borrowing to finance communist-bullshit programs like Obama wants!).

Why does the "Western World" have to foot the bill? There are richer nations now, obviously, like China and Saudi Arabia, so why doesn't the UN demand that the Axis of Evil pay? How come the wealthy Axis of Evil doesn't get shaken down? Ahhh! It's because the Axis of Evil controls the UN! Besides, America and other Western nations are hardly in a position to spare money, compared to the likes of China and Saudi Arabia, who, via their evil, human-rights-devoid, tyrannical version of capitalism, rake in shiploads of cash to be used for the horrific purposes of the Communist Party and of Imperialist Wahhabism.

I can't help but get the idea that the whole Swine Flu thing is being exploited by the International Neo-Communist Apparatus, of which the Obama-Democrat Regime is no doubt a part, to scare the hell out of guillible Free World folks for the purpose of the advancement of the Agenda of the Apparatus.

Besides, how come the International Socialists want to kill off many people in the world to "save the planet" and to "prevent further overpopulation", but now they also want to save perhaps a billion lives? What's up with that? They want to finance millions and millions of abortions worldwide and want to pull the plug on the elderly and disabled and so on and so forth, but at the same time they want to save lots of other lives?

It doesn't make sense. They say, one moment, "kill yourselves to save Earth", and at the next, "give a billion pounds to save everyone's lives". These people just can't be taken seriously!

The West/Free World has been shaken down plenty already. It's time for the Axis of Evil to be shaken down, to put its money where its lying mouth is, to prove it cares, which we know it doesn't, and won't! Why don't fat-cat regimes like Saudi Arabia and Red China have to do their part? This double standard practiced by the UN is very telling, isn't it?