Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama's Promise Of 'Racial Harmony' Proves Worthless

Looks like there's increasing racial strife in Obama's changing, supposedly hopeful but not really, America, due to a double standard in the application of "hate crimes" charges.

When there's an attack by white folks on black folks, "hate crimes" charges are automatic, it seems. Same automatic charging seemingly ensues when a homosexual or a Muslim gets attacked.

So for authorities to dismiss the obviousness of the hatred and racism motive in the attack by multiple black students on one white student... isn't going to be helpful for the cause of the end of racism and hate in America. Double standards, including when in the reverse, are the cause of the problems, after all, and the neo-communist authorities, in practicing double standards like this, are making things worse, not better. Just look at the result: They've breathed life into evil racist movements, given them a grievance upon which to campaign. Shameful. They should've made examples out of the attackers on the bus just like they made examples out of the attackers of Matthew Sheppard, who wasn't attacked for being gay, but apparently for other motives, not that the neo-communist authorities cared, as they slapped the "hate crime" charge on the perps anyway, to "make an example" (when gays attack Christians, however, we never, never hear of "hate crimes" charges being laid, even though there's no denying the "hate" motive, as the gays say hateful stuff as they commit the attacks).

In the alternative, however, perhaps the whole concept of "hate crimes" charges ought to be abolished to prevent such double-standard application, which is undeniably out of control. After all, it's difficult, if not impossible, to be certain as to whether "hate" was a motive, and all too easy to just assume it was, especially when adhering to the emotional propaganda of the hard left with respect to some groups as opposed to others.

Either charge all apparent "hate crimes" as such, automatically, or abolish "hate crimes" charges altogether and simply treat all bad guys as bad guys, charge 'em with being bad, try 'em and punish 'em for the badness committed... regardless of anyone's race, etc. Now, wouldn't that be fair and equitable, and prevent disharmony, resentment and strife?

Oh, and know what? White supremacists protesting stuff is no worse than Islamic supremacists protesting stuff. They're both horrible and hateful, so if neo-communists are going to verbally attack the protestors in this case, they ought to, in the future, do the same to the Islamic supremacists who go around demonizing Israel and Jewry, amongst others hated by supremacist Muslims. Also, gays who go around saying hateful things about any group they don't like, need to be marginalized as well.

ht: Drudge Report