Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obamacare Would Hurt Disabled Children: Parents

A society is measured by how it treats those in the dawn of life, those in the shadows of life and those in the twilight of life.

-Hubert Humphrey, Democrat

The Left has a mean-spirited agenda evocative of the agenda of the infamously mean-spirited, evil Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

One of the apparent purposes of Obamacare would be to "get rid of the inconvenient".

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We aren't going to be fooled by the Left-wing liars of the Obama-Democrat Regime.

“We have been assured that government restructuring of health care will not require rationing, affect current services, create distribution panels, nor subsidize abortion,” McCaffrey said. “Even a neonatologist knows that if you increase demand for services, the cost will rise. If the health services budget is drastically cut while larger numbers of patients are added to the roles, rationing is unavoidable.”

It's mathematically logical. Rationing would be a matter of fact.

And we know, from empirical evidence worldwide, that discrimination would be used.

There are real-life examples provided by Americans. There's no denying the truth when you actually meet would-be victims of rationing.

Abortion is already used as a means of minority-population control by Planned Parenthood, a racist organization founded by racist Nazi Margaret Sanger, which establishes most of its death factories in minority neighborhoods.

And abortion would be used more and more, under Obamacare, to control the population of other inconvenients, no doubt.

“I truly believe with all my heart that government-run health care will diminish all of those people, those in the dawn of life, the unborn,” Franks said. “This will be the largest expansion of abortion since Roe versus Wade.

“Regardless of the debate that has occurred, we’re taking the lives of 4,000 children every day, and if that’s the administration’s health care plan for the unborn, I don’t think that’s a good one,” Franks said.

The parents distributed a white paper at the press conference detailing the effects of health care rationing. They also sent a letter to President Barack Obama and leadership in the House and Senate expressing their opposition to a government-run health care plan.

Sometimes I think that Obamacare is just a convenient platform for something far more sinister. The Devil is in the details.