Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama To Nationalize 'News' Outlets?

What do you expect from a neo-communist dictator, from a national socialist who's already proven his agenda of national socialism at full-out speed? And from a Regime that makes no secret of its desire to control the media?

The president said he is "happy to look at" bills before Congress that would give struggling news organizations tax breaks if they were to restructure as nonprofit businesses.

Ah, unwilling taxpayer help by the Regime for the Approved Newspapers, if they'll go non-profit...

Makes sense in a logical way. They're deeply in the red with no recovery in sight. It's only a matter of time before they close down operations.

The Regime sees an opportunity to further tighten its control over these entities by offering them a lifeline (using confiscated money from the People, at least from the People of the Future, who will be servicing the monstrous debt Obama's amassing at breakneck pace) with the condition that they become "non-profit". This means more socialism, and further-left-leaning reporting, obviously (only a fool believes otherwise).

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has introduced S. 673, the so-called "Newspaper Revitalization Act," that would give outlets tax deals if they were to restructure as 501(c)(3) corporations. That bill has so far attracted one cosponsor, Cardin's Maryland colleague Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D).

Ah. 501(c)(3) corporations. Just like all those non-profit Hard-Left organizations who helped Obama and the Democrats get elected, and who are connected to none other than George Soros, the man who pretty much controls the Democratic Party, Obama and the Agenda of the Left, with his money. Hmm... I believe that ACORN is such an organization. You know, the child-prostitution folks who use dirty money to help elect Hard-Left politicians and demonize and bully everyone else?

And what a laugh that Obama suggests that the newspapers are fact-based communications entities. We know that this is largely untrue. What a laugh that Obama suggests that the likes of the New York Times, an infamously manipulative, lying-through-its-teeth, Hard-Left propaganda rag, is a "fact-checker". What a laugh. The NYT is hugely discredited.

It is absolutely imperative for government to keep its hands off the media, completely.

Any assistance, particularly with such a condition (and others, unmentioned, of course), would be nothing short of an attempt to control the message, to control the levers of propaganda, more tightly than is already the case. Doing so would, of course, make it all that much easier for the Regime to further its hidden agenda to change America into a de-facto colony of the neo-communist/Islamist Axis of Evil.

Introducing Obama's new Propaganda Czar:

Or is it the Ignatieff-appointed Liberal Party of Canada's War Room Czar?

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