Friday, September 18, 2009

Judge Ruled Wrongly In Dismissal Of Capt. Rhodes's Complaint

Plaintiff Capt. Connie Rhodes, left: Obama not proven legitimate Commander-In-Chief; deployment order therefore illegal

Judge submitted to an "Illegitimate chain of command"

Never addressed any of complainant's points in ludicrously simplistic, half-assed, needlessly indignant, hostile ruling of "frivolity", plus threatened attorney

"Plaintiff avers that there is increasing evidence that the United States District Courts in the 11th Circuit are subject to political pressure, external control, and, mostly likely, subservience to the same illegitimate chain of command which plaintiff has previously protested in this case, except that the de facto president is not even nominally the commander-in-chief of the Article III Judiciary," the request said.


"Plaintiff was denied her Fifth Amendment right to due process of law, in particular, by this court's violation of Local Rule 7 of the United States Middle District of Georgia," the motion said. That specifies that the plaintiff was entitled to respond to the government's motion to dismiss the case "not sooner than Thursday, October 1, 2009."

"The court should, upon this ground alone, vacate its September 16, 2009, order of dismissal and stay the deployment of plaintiff Connie Rhodes. Further, both plaintiff and her counsel were denied meaningful access to the courts by the very fact that this court entered its September 16, 2009, ruling without reference to any of the key issues actually raised in plaintiff's complaint or TRO. The fact that the court's 14 page order does not address any actual statements in plaintiff's complaint by page or paragraph number, or any page citation to her TRO, suggests to a reasonable and objective mind that the court either did not read these documents or was summarily instructed by that same illegitimate 'chain of command' alleged above not to address [the questions,]" the motion said.

The motion described the judge's decision as "manifestly unjust and incorrect."

Of course it's entirely possible for a judge to submit to those to whom he feels loyalty, as opposed to doing his job. Of course. We see it all the time, and don't need any Approved Media headlines to tell us this.

It's clear that the judge isn't acting properly. The judge is to be placed under suspicion and scrutiny by the Court of the Real People.

After all, judges aren't above the law, nor the Constitution. They can't make just any ruling they want, or that others want. They must do their job properly, and it's apparent that this judge has not.

After all, when the stakes are as high as they are, people under intense pressure, as Obama is increasingly coming under with respect to the undeniable fact that he has NOT proven that he was born on American soil as required by the Constitution to legally be President, will go to extreme lengths and take extreme risks to try to win the gamble. Or does the original, real, paper, long-form birth certificate contain other information that might be inconvenient to someone else? So many questions, so many suspicious-behavior incidents, like that of the judge in question here, not to mention Obama's spending over $1.5 million on a legal team to keep the REAL birth certificate a secret.

When the military reasonably, seriously doubts the legitimacy of the Commander In Chief, due to the absolutely true fact that he did not prove he's legally the President according to Constitutional requirement, this is very dangerous.

If Obama is an honest man with nothing to hide, he will put an end to all of this and prove he's legally the President by releasing his REAL birth certificate (the suspicious, already-declared-fake by one expert who also declared a claimed Kenyan birth certificate to be a fake, "short-form" document uttered previously by his people is about as legitimate as a three-dollar-bill they claim to be "legal tender", and has never been authenticated by the allegedly issuing state, Hawaii, who refuses to confirm that they issued any such "short-form" "certification").

There is no excuse for refusing to settle the questions for once and for all. None whatsoever. This inexplicable stonewalling is unprecedented and extraordinarily dangerous.

And the fact that the Approved Media (the Regime's de-facto propaganda wing) refuses to even investigate with any degree of curiousity and seriousness doesn't mean that the issue isn't important. After all, the very same media also refuses to investigate the dangerous extremists being appointed as "czars" by Obama, and only reported on Van Jones after his forced resignation. Plus they're not touching the incredible scandal involving ACORN and the exposure of its employees engaged in communication for the purpose of child prostitution and tax fraud.

The dangerous-extremist "czar" issue is real. The ACORN-criminal-organization scandal is real.

Yet the Approved Media refuse to tell the People anything about it.

The same media also refuse to investigate, with any degree of independence, professionalism, impartiality and integrity, the absolutely real fact that Obama is not proven eligible under the Constitution's "natural-born" requirement for legally being President.

Those who want Obama to stay in office and advance the revolutionary neo-communist agenda in America are those who deny there's any question and who attack those who say, hey, y'know, Obama never proved to anyone, nor did anyone ever ask for proof, that he's 100% Constitutionally eligible for the Presidency via being born on American soil.

And let it be known that I don't care what some half-minded folks will say about me discussing this real, serious issue. I can see what's happening, and I'm not going to fall for the impressive propaganda operation by the White House and its comrades, with propaganda so impressive that even Ann Coulter has fallen victim thereto and refuses to look at and address the facts seriously.