Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Counter-Revolution Is On!

The spirit of Reagan lives on... in the hearts and minds of Real Americans.

National Review Online

Something happened as folks on the right sat around waiting for Sarah Palin’s next Facebook post, wondering who the next Ronald Reagan would be. Something happened while folks debated death panels, what Rush Limbaugh said at noon that MSNBC or Rahm Emanuel is up in arms about. Something happened while the president of the United States planned his strategy for getting a Washington his party runs to sign up for his health-care revolution.

The stuff of which media revolutions are made happened.


You’ve seen the tea parties. You saw the march. Now you’ve seen inside the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Andrew Breitbart, born and raised online, has been a longtime collaborator with web wonder Matt Drudge. Always a behind-the-scenes mover, he’s come out of the shadows a bit with his own websites, Breitbart, Big Hollywood, and Big Government — taking the Rules for Radicals and Radical Change and running with them.

The People have had enough of the nonsense, and are already moving to take their country back.

The anti-American "Change" agenda of the Obamacrat Regime will fail, and America will be saved.

Whatever the Obamacrat Regime's last-resort Plan B might be, it will fail, too.

And Liberty will again defeat Tyranny. Like hell they'll take Americans' Liberty away!

Real Americans will not submit, especially in their own country!

America is great. So what if America at her best is superior to much of the rest of the world? Since Real Americans sacrifice and work hard for what they have, America deserves the fruits of her labors. To hell with the jealous, covetous losers of the "International Community"!

America belongs to Americans, and if Americans want America to be great, then nothing's going to stop them from making it happen again!

Trust me, my American friends.

If we Canadians can do it after over a decade of despair and seeming hopelessness, so can you!