Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now Canada Is The Bad Guy?!

You know that the Left is totally deranged when they let the Axis of Evil explore, drill, extract, refine, etc., howsoever they please, and sell it to our dependent Free World selves, yet they say Canada, as well as America, are evil and horrible just because they want to produce their OWN oil?

I'm sick and tired of the Left propping up our international enemies, letting them destroy the environment with recless impunity, whilst bashing us for any efforts towards realistic energy independence on our part.

But what does one expect? The Left are nothing more than foolish, brainless, useful idiots!

Leave our oilsands alone! If we want to spew lots and lots of carbon dioxide, we'll damn well do so, and if y'all don't like it, Leftists, you can go screw each other (oh, how redundant, eh!).

Drill, baby, drill! Extract, baby, extract! Refine, baby, refine!

By the way, I blame Left-wing extremism for the death of the plan by Irving Oil Limited to construct a second oil refinery in Saint John, NB, which would have doubled the production capacity of the already-largest oil refinery in Canada and brought thousands of new jobs to the city and been a massive boost to the local economy, as well as helping to expand the gasoline supply so as to help stabilize gas prices. There's no reason not to build more refineries, as well as no reason to continue expanding our oil and gas extraction. And the same analysis goes for America, where Obama bans further extraction whilst promoting extraction amongst America's neo-communist and Islamic Imperialist enemies.

Bullshit. Canada, as well as America, are good guys. Obama and the neo-commies are bad in America, yet the Left thinks they're good. The Conservatives in Canada are good, but the Liberals are making up big lies about them being bad compared to Liberals, not that I'm the least bit impressed, nor should anyone be.

The whole global-warming/climate change thing is a Big Lie. A scam. Only lazy-minded, guillible folks don't agree with me. So it's ok to make as much carbon dioxide as we need. So let's do so. Trying to reduce its emission won't "save the world" at all, nor can it. Why? Because the Axis of Evil gets a totally free pass from the Left and will "destroy the world" even if the Free World suddenly decided to cease all economic activity and energy use.

I just wish the stupid would stop being stupid... they really annoy me!

I'd like to say this: All protests by the Left are to be ignored. Because they're fake. They're organized by the horrible neo-communist apparatus as dishonest propaganda stunts. These folks are dangerous and destructive for the Free World and for freedom, democracy, our constitutions, the rule of law and human rights. These folks are just useful idiots controlled by our enemies, via their mostly-domestically-born agents the "community organizers" (of which Obama himself used to be one, though it's actually not known for certain (unproven, actually) as to whether he's domestically-born!).

Only "right-wing" demonstrations are for real, because they're of the People, by the People and for the People!

No apology for being right!