Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Neo-Communists: What Are They?

I mention "neo-communists" frequently. But what are they?

David Horowitz tells us.

Neo-communism is a view whose members consider themselves “citizens of the world,” not of America, and who therefore agitate for open borders and want the morally repulsive collection of autocracies, slaveocracies and kleptocracies called “the United Nations” to reign over us and the world.

A neo-communist is someone who believes that America is ruled by corporations who put “profit over people” — and thereby show that they don’t understand either profit or people. A neo-communist is someone who is convinced that race, class, and gender hierarchies make it not only legitimate but necessary to describe America as a “white supremacist” society. Neo-communists believe that a revolution is necessary (if not opportune at the moment), that the Consitution is a disposable document, and that America’s communist and Islamo-fascist enemies (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Hizbollah, the PLO and Hamas), are freedom fighters or at least on the right side of the armageddon that faces us.

Sound familiar? Of course.

Hey, y'know, I consider myself a fighter of neo-communism as well as of the nasty-nasties the neo-communists favor over the Free World.

You know, Obama himself is clearly a neo-communist, as he favors whatever neo-communism favors.