Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Czar Sunstein Calls People 'Handful Of Cells'

Cass Sunstein, Obama's chosen "Regulatory Czar" who wants to regulate everything, and re-write the Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Technically, he's right.

Technically, he'd also be right to call every single human being, from moment of conception to end of life a "handful of cells".

Of course, however...

Justification for murder starts with statements like his.

Next thing you know, he'll call dissident Americans, like the two million who marched on Washington on the weekend, "a handful of cells- ok to kill 'em". And he'd give justification to others to call, for example, Jews, the disabled, visible minorities, homosexuals, Christians, conservatives, the elderly, Falun Gong, whomever... "handfuls of cells... ok to kill 'em!!!".

Slipery slope. To call human beings shortly following conception "a handful of cells" is just false, unethical, immoral "justification" for murdering them. I'm certain that's how the Nazis saw the Jews, hence their psychological motivation for mass murder/genocide.

Wouldn't be surprising coming from a guy who wants to give "human" rights to animals, so they can sue people!

He also says "there's no good reason for a ban on cloning".

"It is silly to think that 'potential' is enough for moral concern. Sperm cells have 'potential' and (not to put too fine a point on it) most people are not especially solicitous about them," Sunstein wrote in a review of the 2003 book "Our Posthuman Future" by Francis Fukuyama.
Sounds like a Nazi intellectual to me. Or a neo-communist intellectual. He'll happily philosophize like this concerning a book called "Our Posthuman Future". The title of such a book is scary enough. A sane person would call the book "frightening" and the author "a crackpot". But not Sunstein.

They'll come up with whatever philosophical gobbleddygook they want, and use it as false justification to do whatever the hell they want, to hell with what others think. Just like Nazis, Communists, Islamic Fascists, White Supremacists...

He equates the use of animals to human slavery:

"I suggest that Bentham and Mill were not wrong to offer an analogy between current uses of animals and human slavery," he wrote.

In other words, consequently, logically, he equates human beings to livestock, etc.

This is a sign of a dangerous mind.

Slippery slope, slippery slope, slippery slope. One thing leads to another.

Another lunatic appointed by Obama. More to come.

Surely the Obama Regime knew about this guy's sick, warped, screwy, cracked mentality.

Anyone who doesn't feel shivers of disquiet and trepidation of having this guy regulate everything... such a person must be rather screwy-in-the-head themselves.