Saturday, September 19, 2009

They Just Couldn't Resist, Could They?

It's a pseudo-story whose optics are so crappy that the Conservative-hating Fringe Media (you know, the Leftist, Liberal-preferring media, led by the also-Leftist Canadian Press) just had to keep on pushing the story which really wasn't such a big deal, except for the optics and the negative ideas it raises...

If this had happened under the Liberals, it's highly unlikely that it'd be treated as such a big deal.

After all, hey, things get screwed up, the optics sometimes make them look worse than they really are, etc. But it was just too good an opportunity for the Fringe Media to affect the subconscious of perhaps a few swing voters susceptible to unfounded suggestion.

Such subconscious suggestion would obviously be to make the Conservatives look like mean-spirited Aboriginal dislikers or something, plus make the Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, herself of Aboriginal (Inuit) descent, somehow look bad, too. The Fringe Media needn't say it outright- lazy-minded folks who unconditionally trust the Fringe Media take bad optics and turn it into stuff it isn't, will do their work for them, as long as the story is continuously told.

Media analyst/critic Orville H., via email, writes about this pseudo-story:

On Wednesday Morning on CTV Canada AM

here is relevant part of the conversation
Chief David Harper - To this day nothing has been done,

Canada AM - Are you getting any information as to when you will actually get preparedness kits.

Chief Harper - Those are things we are not even getting information at. In the last 24 hours we have been calling the minister's office making them aware there is a situation here. You know and the first thing we are getting is body bags not the kits themselves.

Canada AM - We know the health minister herself has asked the deputy minister to look into this and find out how this has happened in the meantime. Hopefully you can get the preparations kits as soon as possible.

So here we have Chief Harper deliberately misleading all Canadians about the facts of this case and sensationalizing this story to serve his own agenda. He even spoke to Ignatieff to embellish and exaggerate the story, and Ignatieff told Canadians on national TV that no kits had been sent, when Ignatieff if he had bothered to prepare before commenting, there was ample information out there that kits were sent out ( we have to suspect that Ignatieff maybe was well aware of this but why would he allow the truth to interfere with a sensational story).

Is anybody holding Chief Harper responsible for this fabrication and is he serving the Aboriginal community well with this grandstanding and deception? It appears he is prepared to slander and belittle the efforts of staff in Health Canada, on a serious health issue, who we are sure are doing their best as fallible human beings to deal with the problem. Since apologies are being demanded by Chief Harper and Ignatieff, maybe they should be the first to apologize to all Canadians for this premeditated deceit. The following stories on a wide spectrum of Canadian media confirm that kits were sent.

So wouldn't it behoove the Fringe Media to set the record straight, if they're going to be beating this dead horse of a pseudo-story?

Well, apparently, they'd rather collude with Chief David Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to spread misinformation, obviously in an attempt to demonize the Conservatives via the subconscious of the lazy-minded consumers of the Fringe Media.