Saturday, September 19, 2009

'Birthers' Have A Point: Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia.


Um, actually, yes.

Fringe elementist? Crank? Crackpot? Racist? Right-wing terrorist?


Story here. Yet another story the Fringe Media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC, CTV, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, etc., etc.) refuse to talk about, just like they refuse to talk about the astonishing criminality scandal with respect to ACORN and about the scary-extremist-revolutionary-hard-leftwing "czars" appointed by Obama without independent scrutiny and uncaringly rubber-stamped by the Senate.

An interesting figure, that Camille Paglia (Footnoted Wiki bio here).

She's a Democrat who voted for Obama. Yet one could hardly call her a brainless Leftist. Now, that's an extraordinary rarity in and of itself. Therefore, she deserves one's attention, whether one's a conservative or a leftist or whatever else one fancies oneself.

So should it be any surprise that someone who dares to think and speak out for herself, no matter how much she'll inconvenience the nasty old neo-communist apparatus, would be open-minded to the REAL, MATERIAL FACTS surrounding the issue of Obama's inexplicable, unprecedented, and amazingly-well-managed-by-the-Obama-Democrat-Propaganda-Machine failure to prove his Constitutional eligibility to be President?

Feminist icon Camille Paglia, a columnist who earlier wrote about the ambiguities of President Barack Obama's birth certificate, now has told a National Public Radio audience that those who have questions about his eligibility actually have a point.

Talking to the NPR program "On Point" this week, she provided a defense to the citizens who carried protest signs asking "Where's The Birth Certificate" at the recent protests that drew hundreds of thousands to Washington.

First of all, I reject the idea that the 'birther' campaign is motivated by racism. There may be racism among it, but there are legitimate questions about the documentation of Obama's birth certificate. I'm sorry, I've been following this closely from the start. To assume that all those signs about the birth controversy were motivated by racism, that is simply wrong.

She continued, explaining she first came on the scene in the 1990s and has dealt with cries of sexism and homophobia, calling such battle cries "emotional" triggers.


Citing "one needless gaffe after another," including the "embarrassing incident" in which Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, she wrote about the "ambiguities" about his birth certificate and the "troubling" status of Obama's concealed educational records.

Now listen up, "progressives". If this supposed "leftist" can think for herself and resist the neo-communist apparatus propaganda and intimidation tactics and say things that'd normally get a person unfairly branded all kinds of pejorative things, like "conspiracy theorist", "fringe crank", "racist", etc., so can YOU.

Are you sure, "progressive" persons reading this post, that YOU have a mind of your own that you actually use? Don't be so sure, for illusion can fool anyone into believing things that aren't true, such as the illusion created by the neo-communist propaganda machine that Obama's Constitutional eligibility is proven and sound and cannot be questioned by serious people.

Hey, Barry-O! C'mon, turn your head and cough up the damn birth certificate already.

Or, even better, just resign!

(All emphasis mine.)

But... but...

Oh, wait... Obama said "he", so since Camille's not a "he", I guess she's not a racist, then. But, hey, doesn't that mean that Obama's sexist towards his fellow man? Like, WTF? Ah, hell, who cares, anyway? Obama's a cracked nutcase, at any rate, and...