Monday, September 21, 2009

Will Iggy Permit Democratic Nomination Vote In Outremont?

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ht: Bourque

OTTAWA — Former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon is putting Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on the spot, calling on him to let grassroots members - not backroom machinations - determine the party's candidate in the prized riding of Outremont.

Cauchon, who handily won the Montreal riding in three consecutive elections before retiring from politics in 2004, confirmed Sunday that he wants to stage a comeback.

And, until last week - when Ignatieff's Quebec lieutenant, Denis Coderre, announced that Outremont is being reserved for an appointed woman candidate - Cauchon thought Ignatieff wanted him back too.

Ah... just as with Chretien, Martin and Dion, Ignatieff prefers tokenist sexism to democracy, fairness and REAL, not artificial, equality between the sexes.

Again the Liberal Party sends the message to women that it doesn't believe they have what it takes to get nominated in the Party, so it appoints them as spear carriers to showcase the Liberal Party's "outreach" to women, you know, to say, "Hey, look, we got more women than the other guys! The other guys are sexist and hate women, obviously, so women should vote for us instead, just 'cause we appointed lots of women as political-optics objects to make us look good!".

Next thing you know, all Liberal candidates will be appointed solely on the basis of their membership in identifiable "diversity" groups. One candidate to represent each type of "diversity". The only question is.... which groups will they choose and which will they leave out? After all, there's a limited number of ridings to fill, and an infinite number of "special" "diversity" groups...

Ah. What do you expect from a party that doesn't bother to elect their Leader anymore, instead appointing him via Elite dictation?