Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racist Hate Crime Caught On Tape

school bus attack, belleville
See what kind of an example Obama is providing for kids? He's a racist. He condones racism by folks like Sonia Sotomayor, Reverend Wright, his professor buddy from Harvard, Van Jones and the two Black Panthers who threatened white voters with batons so they couldn't vote (and they got away with it, thanks to the Obama Regime's interference in the judicial system).

They said there'd be more "white supremacist" hate crimes against blacks just because America now had a black President.

Well, there's more hate crimes, but actually, the supremacists are black and the victims are white.

See for yourself.

Well, well, well... where are all the "white supremacists" and violence by white folks against black folks? Show me some! All I see is black supremacists emboldened by the fact that Obama, Van Jones, Sonia Sotomayor, the Professor, the Reverend and so on and so forth... are all getting away with being racist and uttering hateful statements against non-blacks. And the two hateful Black Panthers who threatened white voters with batons to keep them from voting, they got off scot free because Obama's Justice Department interfered to let 'em go for their felonies motivated by racism.

What does Obama have to say about this? Probably nothing. He'd probably accuse the white kid who got the hell beaten out of him of "acting stupidly" and then say, "C'mon, kids, let's have a beer"...

Obama being a racist and promoting racism and racists isn't helping at all. It's hurting. Obama is hurtful.

I blame Obama for the worsening crisis of hate and racism and violence in America. He's responsible and he knows it, because he's promoting racism and racists.

I loathe racism and condemn all racists and acts of racism. No matter who's the racist, no matter who's committing racism, no matter who's promoting racism. I just want all the racism to stop, and Obama won't do it, even though he promised to work for it, which he's definitely not doing, obviously!

Just stop the racism, hate and violence already!