Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Won't Muslim Leaders Condemn Terror Commited In Name Of Islam?

Story here. To get the full picture and context, read it all.

"Are you willing to join millions of other people of faith in America and denounce these and similar acts of terrorism? While the U.S.-Muslim community loudly proclaims that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, leaders of the community are conspicuously silent when it comes to rejecting acts of murder carried out by Muslims, in the name of Islam," the letter asks. "Thank you for your attention. We await your response."

The letter was sent via Federal Express to Abdellah of the Dar-ul-Islam Mosque in Elizabeth, N.J., and Aly A. Aziz of the Islamic Society of Central New Jersey, both identified as organizers.

"If people all over the world were committing acts of murder and mayhem in the name of Christianity, Christian leaders in the United States would spare no effort to disavow these blasphemies. Why are Muslim leaders conspicuously silent?" Scarborough said.

No word so far as to whether the apparent Islamic supremacists to whom the letter was sent have responded. Refusal to respond, or a response in the negative, or a response full of sophisticated, arrogant, uppity, Taqiyya-dribbling nonsense, will rightly be seen as damning. The moment of truth is now.