Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jihad Watch's Spencer Wants Harper To Replace Obama As President

Hmm. Hey, why not? If Obama doesn't have to meet Constitutional eligibility requirements for being President, then neither does Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

Robert Spencer, internationally renowned expert on Islam, founder of the Jihad Watch website and author of many bestselling books about Islam, says:

Can we trade Obama for Harper? Not a fair deal? Okay, how about if we throw in a President To Be Named Later?

If it's either President Sarah Palin or President Michelle Bachmann, and you can get me a date with Pamela Geller or Ann Coulter, then ok, Robert, you have a deal! Oh, and one other thing- leave Obama out of the deal, ok? We've got enough problems with those Liberals already!

Mr. Spencer was referring to this report.

Word of the visit immediately caused a stir, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper ordering Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon to greet the leader upon his arrival to express this country's outrage over the hero's welcome Libya recently gave Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. The alleged former Libyan intelligence officer, who is terminally ill, returned home after being released from a Scottish prison.

Gaddafi was apparently hoping to spend one day and night in St. John's, during which time Cannon had vowed to deliver a stern diplomatic message.

However, what puzzled many observers was the official reason for the strongman's stopover. The city's mayor said Saturday he didn't believe it was just a refuelling layover or that Cannon was only going to scold the Libyan leader.

"That could have been done by the prime minister out of Ottawa," St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe told Canwest News Service. "He's coming here to do that? Assuming [Gaddafi] knows that's coming, will he just open up the door to allow someone to come in and dress him down?"

Yup. Of course, that needs-to-wash-his-crappy-hair crazy fecker of a mad dictator who reminds me of but makes the late Michael Jackson look quite lame and boring, sure ain't gonna stick around if he knows that the big-hairy-balls-haulin' Stephen Harper, who stands up to everyone, such as the Satanic Chinese Communist Party and to Iran's reprehensible little hellbent-on-nuclear-Armaggedon goblin, Madmanahmadinejadinasshole, is going to come and tell him what a big, gosh-darned enema nozzle he is and that if he don't quit being a fecking douchebag, he's gonna get his fat ass whooped, Canuck-style...

Sorry, my American friends; we're not giving up Harper. You'll have to work hard to make sure you kick the stinking bums out of the House in 2010 and get rid of The Evil One in 2012, if not sooner, via impeachment... of course, getting the right nominee is easier said than done, thanks to the large number of Soros-butt-kissing RINOs in the GOP these days...

Oh, and I cannot resist posting a picture or two of the freakazoid...

Real Michael Jackson-esque, ain't he? Ony crazier.
And he seems to have a fetish for wearing womens' clothing in public.

Maybe Obama will appoint this lunatic to be czar of something, like human rights.
Or maybe bizarre, Christianophobic blogger Perez Hilton is already settled in quite comfortably in that post, and we don't know it yet.