Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pro-ACORN NBC Minion Utters Judeophobic Slur

Americans For Limited Government sent out a news release about ACORN, and one of the people who received the news release was Jane Stone of the NBC.

Ms. Stone's response:

"Bite me Jew boy!".

See for yourself. (The e-mail itself).

From the ALG website (couldn't find individual archive permalinks, so I've placed the two germane ALG posts here):

ALG Statement in Response to NBC "Bite me, Jew Boy" Email

Bill Wilson, President, Americans for Limited Government

Americans for Limited Government is appalled that an employee of the NBC news network apparently felt it was appropriate to send an email to an ALG employee, in response to a standard news release, saying, “Bite me, Jew Boy.”

According to ALG records, the email came from the Blackberry and email address of Jane Stone, a producer for NBC’s Dateline. The email was sent to Alex Rosenwald, the ALG Director of Media Outreach. The news release to which Ms Stone apparently responded was one in which ALG called upon Congress to defund ACORN.

Americans for Limited Government does not contend that NBC or its parent company GE, are anti-Semitic. What is highly disturbing, however, is that there clearly is a culture at NBC that has allowed this person who clearly has issues to go unchecked.

Ms Stone claims she did not send the offensive email. If that is not the case, we at ALG call upon her to help ascertain who did send it using her Blackberry and her email address. If Ms Stone did, in fact, send it, we at ALG call upon Ms Stone to apologize to Mr. Rosenwald, and we call upon the NBC hierarchy above Ms Stone to join her in issuing that apology.

Attachments: Anti-Semitic email from NBC to ALG, September 24th, 2009.

ALG Response to NBC Accusations on Politico: “We did our due diligence.”

Carter Clews, Director of Communications, Americans for Limited Government

We at Americans for Limited Government are saddened that instead of helping us to get to the bottom of the hateful email that was indeed sent from NBC’s server, and this can be verified, and was not tampered with, which can also be verified, that NBC President Steve Capus has instead chosen to circle the wagons and protect what is indefensible with hysterical, frantic accusations.

This email has left a digital footprint that is undeniable. We did our due diligence. We have confirmed that it indeed came from NBC’s server and Jane Stone's email address.

As before, we renew our offer that we made to both Ms. Stone and NBC President Capus over the phone today to get to the bottom of who sent this email from Ms. Stone’s Blackberry email address. That offer remains open, and we would like it very much if both Ms. Stone and NBC would issue an apology to both Americans for Limited Government, and Mr. Alex Rosenwald, who was the target of this hateful email.

Apparently the NBC is a safe haven for Jew haters as well as, apparently, hard-left, neo-communist ACORN (and Obama) supporters.

But know what? It doesn't surprise me. It was obvious already. The hateful slur, dripping as it is with Judenhass (Jew hatred), as a way of evading inconvenient commentary on the hard-left, neo-communist criminal organization ACORN, only confirms my analysis.

Wonder if the Obamacrat Regime's new "hate crimes" law will be used against Ms. Stone? Oh, wait... nah. It's really just a law cleverly designed to promote, via aggressive, oppressive, unconstitutional supression of critical verbal commentary, any and all types of sexual deviancies, actually. Ordinary Americans aren't protected from any kind of hatred, unfortunately, so Ms. Stone will get off scot free, without even punishment by the NBC.

This also helps show that the Big Media is clearly not "run by the Jooooos", as ludicrously claimed by a lot of neo-communists and Islamic supremacists.

Also covering the verbal hate crime is the Jawa Report, Big Government, and others, though I don't recall seeing this shocking incident whilst surfing the Big, Approved Media sites.

I see from Jawa that Ms. Stone is a faculty member of the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University.

How about that! A Jew-hating, ACORN-protecting journalism professor who's also a producer at NBC! Talk about extremists spewing indoctrinary neo-communist gobbleddygook to paying students who are expected to believe whatever the professors tell them! The neo-communist propaganda apparatus is everywhere, obviously. They spew the propaganda in the classroom and broadcast it into the living room, too.

From the Big Government posting, it becomes clear that the Stone incident isn't exactly an isolated incident, vis-a-vis Big Approved Media-types:

I am told by fellow right-leaning journalists that getting rude and offensive emails from reporters in the mainstream media is a fairly common occurrence.

It happened to me last fall when an occasional writer for the New York Times named Dan Mitchell sent me an electronic nastygram after I appeared on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” in a package about ACORN. I understand the newspaper disciplined Mitchell.

No surprise, eh! We saw what happened when the Big Approved Media reacted to the very existence of Sarah Palin, and to the original Tea Party demonstrations. The neo-communist, Obamacrat Regime-supporting "journalists" were saying nasty stuff about Palin and the Tea Partiers and calling ordinary, concerned Americans names such as "teabaggers" and refused to report "just the facts" fairly, attempting to discredit the concerned Americans and ending up discrediting themselves and their organizations.

Apparently the Big Approved Media hasn't learned its lesson, although they've been more careful to cover up their true views in the public broadcasts. Pity they don't bother to hide their hatefulness and closed-mindedness in what they erroneously believe to be "private" communications.

I also Googled "NBC anti-semitism" and found this 2007 post by Debbie Schlussel regarding Jew-hatred and the NBC...

In the ad–brought to you by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the NBC broadcast network itself–new out-of-wedlock mom Pressly lectures us that we shouldn’t teach our kids our “hate”:
Too bad Ms. Pressly wasn’t talking to a mirror, instead of a camera. Pressly said she thinks Jews are ugly. In a December 2001 interview with Howard Stern, Pressly, in commenting that she thought Stern was ugly, told him he looked like “You got slapped [with] a yarmulke.” Get it? A yarmulke is a Jewish religious skullcap. Jews (those who wear yarmulkes) are ugly in Pressly’s eyes. We could say that trashy, uneducated hick Pressly–who got her start appearing nude in such classy cinematical wonders as “Poison Ivy: The New Seduction“–got slapped a pack of Marlboros and her father. But that wouldn’t be nice.

Good going NBC and ADL. Next time, get O.J. to do a PSA warning us against murdering our ex-spouses.

Looks like the ADL, who ought to know better and learn to do its homework, made a big screwup in choosing a Judenhass (Jew-hatred)-dripping bimbo, Jamie Pressly, to preach against Judenhass.

Oh, and look at who trusts NBC: